Premium progressive lenses from Rodenstock.

Infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances with customised progressive lenses.

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Continuous sharp vision

Optimal vision up close, at a distance, and in the intermediate range with Rodenstock progressive lenses.

As the name suggests, a progressive lens provides progressive power, and infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances. Because progressive lenses are able to correct defective vision for far and near at the same time. As there is no visible edge in the lens and the power changes are not recognisable from the outside, progressive lenses also have aesthetic benefits.

When would a progressive lens be useful?

Our eyes change as we get older. This means that when we become middle-aged the eye lens is no longer quite as elastic. It becomes increasingly difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision – the eyes need some assistance. Progressive lenses are the ideal solution here. Because with progressive lenses you don't have the annoying and inconvenient task of changing spectacles.

The best vision ever – with progressive lenses from Rodenstock.

Your advantage

Optimal field of vision

Large, individually optimised wide field of vision – Do you lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors? Or are you often working on a laptop and like to read? The field of vision of your Rodenstock progressive lenses is specially adapted to your personal lifestyle and your viewing habits!

Peripheral zones - Depending on the quality of the lens, the size of the peripheral zones looks different. The higher the quality, the smaller the peripheral zones.

Traditional progressive lens
Rodenstock progressive lens
Traditional progressive lens
Rodenstock progressive lens
Your advantage

No 'swim' effects

No 'swim' effects - With Rodenstock progressive lenses, lines and layers no longer appear distorted or blurred in the peripheral zones.

Biometrically exact lenses

Because every eye is different

With biometric lenses, we at Rodenstock have created we have created a new generation of lenses: Thanks to innovative technologies, the center of sharp vision can be determined for each individual eye. As a result, you as a spectacle wearer benefit from the sharpest vision for every angle and every gaze, no matter where you look.

Discover biometric intelligent lenses

What should one bear in mind with progressive lenses?

  • Every eye is as unique as you are. How should an 'off-the-shelf' pair of spectacles meet your individual requirements? Thanks to the high-precision eye measurement with the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner, we are able to measure all individual aberrations and take them into consideration when making the lenses. The result: You have sharper and higher-contrast vision than ever before - this is particularly noticeable at twilight. Superb comfort and optimal compatibility make the individual visual experience perfect.

  • Changing over to progressive lenses may take some getting used to. But with time, you have reliably trained your sight and can focus normally on the desired distance.
    With bespoke progressive lenses from Rodenstock the acclimatisation period is very short, compared with traditional lenses, meaning you have pin-sharp vision at all distances, as quickly as possible.

  • A pair of spectacles must sit perfectly: They should not pinch or slip down the nose when you move. With the 3D video measurement system, the Rodenstock ImpressionIST®, the shape of your face, your interpupillary distance, as well as all key influencing variables, are measured exactly in combination with the selected frame - for the best possible vision experience.

  • Seeing through the lens in combination with the natural movements of the eye can lead to undesired 'swim' effects. In addition, a distorting effect occurs at the edge of the lens due to the change of power, unlike with single vision lenses. These annoying and unpleasant 'swim' and distorting effects can cause side effects such as headaches. With bespoke progressive lenses from Rodenstock these effects are reduced to an unnoticeable minimum.

Make your progressive lenses "multifunctional" and choose from the following extras:

Premium coatings

Rodenstock Solitaire® 2: Durability, anti-reflection, scratch resistant.

Our progressive lens comes with the Solitaire® Protect PRO 2 coating as standard, which offers comprehensive light protection and superb aesthetics.
With our other premium coatings you can make your spectacles even more resistant or low maintenance and easy to clean. Whether it is protection against dirt and dust, the latest generation of UV protection, or relaxed vision with the reduction of artificial light from computers, laptops and smartphones - simply ask your optician about the Rodenstock Solitaire® 2 coatings.

So smooth, nothing sticks

Long-lasting vision with X-tra Clean.

Clean lenses the whole day? The new X-tra Clean finish makes it possible. The finish, means the top layer on the lens front and back at premium finishes lenses, is the deciding factor here.
The extremely smooth surface causes that dirt hardly sticks – and if the lenses does get dirty, the dirt can be easily removed.

  • Long-lasting, crystal clear view
  • Fast and simple cleaning of lenses without leaving any streaks or residue
  • Dirt water and dust repellent properties
How X-tra Clean works
Perfect vision in any light condition

ColorMatic® 3: The self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock.

Our self-tinting lenses automatically adapt to any light situation, enabling comfortable, anti-glare vision at all times. They are absolutely clear indoors and tint outdoors depending on light intensity.
Based on Rodenstock's more than 50 years of experience in photochromism, we are now redefining the performance of self-tinting lenses: ColorMatic® 3 offers 30% faster brightening compared to the previous generation ColorMatic IQ® 2.

The deep darkening and rapid brightening ensure tangible visual comfort, while the blue-light filter and a wide selection of colors guarantee a wide variety of usage options and style. Whether used as eyeglasses or sunglasses, ColorMatic® 3 offers relaxed and sharp vision in any situation, making it the perfect intelligent everyday lenses.

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Protection for your eyes

Rodenstock light protection PRO410.

UV-rays can be harmful for your skin as well as your eyes and can even penetrate through the clouds of an overcast sky. Next to the UV-radiation is blue light. It is important for the biorhythm and other biological functions of the body. Apart from the positive effects, certain elements of blue light can also be potentially harmful.
The formula of success is the right relation. With Rodenstock light protection PRO410 your eyes only get the light they really need – day for day.

The right frame for your progressive lenses.

As a manufacturer of lenses and frames, we offer you perfect quality from a single source. Spectacle frames from Rodenstock combine innovative technologies and materials with a classic and traditional, as well as timeless and stylish, design. They are also perfectly tailored to their spectacle wearers. All frames from Rodenstock can be fitted with progressive lenses. Frames with large lenses are particularly suitable.

Show all spectacle frames

Innovative eye measurement

Firstly, your eyes are measured with the ultramodern Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner. The measurement is fully automatic and very precise at over 7,000 measuring points.
Unlike traditional measuring devices, the DNEye® Scanner not only records the standard values for myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism, but far more e.g. the reaction of your pupil during the day and at night as well as the corresponding changes in vision. This way individual aberrations are also detected, which are responsible for reduced contrast sensitivity and poor vision at twilight, for example.

    3D lens measurement

    How the spectacles sit on your face plays a decisive role in the manufacture of customised lenses. The key measurement data is collected with the Rodenstock ImpressionIST®, a 3D video centration system.
    You simply look into the mirror attached at the ImpressionIST®. You are captured from two perspectives by two cameras. Using these images, parameters of your face combined with the selected frame are measured exactly, as is the distance between the pupils and their diameter.

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