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Learn everything about Rodenstock's B.I.G. Biometric Intelligent Glasses, the importance of biometric precision for sharp vision and the unique lens category B.I.G. EXACT™ – the first high-precision progressive lenses based on an exact biometric eye model. Dive with us into the future of B.I.G. VISION™, where we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide more spectacle wearers with biometric intelligent glasses.

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Our unique philosophy


At Rodenstock, we recognize people as individuals, with eyes of different shapes and sizes. That's why at Rodenstock, we use thousands of data points to measure and determine the parameters of the eye and use this data to produce the lenses customised according to the biometric parameters of each individual eye. This has made us the lens experts we are today.
Our ambition that we at Rodenstock have had since the launch of our B.I.G. VISION™ philosophy:

To create a B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL.

Because biometric precision is a matter of chance for most lens manufacturers.
Today, most progressive lens manufacturers produce lenses using a standard eye model. In 98% of these cases, the biometric parameters of a standard eye model deviate from the true values of the individual eye. This means lenses are not tailored precisely to the needs of the individual´s eyes.

Click on one of the three persons to see in the video how the real values of eye parameters deviate from a reduced standard eye model These eye parameters can be determined by measuring the eyes with the DNEye® Scanner.

The B.I.G. VISION™ Story

We wanted to be more precise.

At Rodenstock, we determine the biometrics of the whole eye – far beyond industry standards. These data points are integrated directly into the lens. The result: the world’s most precise lenses – with the sharpest vision for every angle and every gaze.

Read why biometric precision makes a big difference.

Today, most lenses are manufactured using a standard vision test with just four standard prescription values as input for the lens calculation process.

The B.I.G. VISION™ Story - Part 1

Learn all about Rodenstock's journey to biometric precision.

At Rodenstock, we are constantly striving to pioneer how precisely progressive lenses can be crafted.

The B.I.G. VISION™ Story - Part 2
The today and tomorrow of biometric lenses

The result of our journey to biometric precision.

Biometic Intelligent Glasses based on DNEye® technology become B.I.G. EXACT™.

With B.I.G. VISION™, Rodenstock creates a paradigm shift in progressive lenses by taking into account the unique shape and size of each eye.

Discover B.I.G. EXACT™

Artificial intelligence and the "new norm" of glass calculation.

Rodenstock creates a new norm of lens calculation for standard vision tests.

Discover the new norm

A new norm in lens calculation in video

Watch Rodenstock's keynote on a new era of biometric precision in lens calculation to learn more.

Time for Biometric Precision

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