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When you purchase a pair of spectacles with Rodenstock brand lenses you receive the Rodenstock guarantee and service card* from your optician. With this card you are entitled to all services listed below and you find all key information about your spectacles. So that your optician can immediately order the right replacement in the event of damage or loss.

  • We guarantee you a smooth acclimatisation period with your Rodenstock progressive lenses. However, if you are not satisfied in the first 3 months, we will replace the spectacles with another product from our range of similar quality*.

  • We give you a 36-month guarantee on the coating when you purchase spectacles with our premium coatings. Solitaire® LayR, Solitaire® LayR Balance, Solitaire® LayR Road, Solitaire® LayR Sun, Solitaire® Protect Plus, Solitaire® Protect Balance, Solitaire® Protect Road, Solitaire® Protect Sun and any X-tra Clean versions available.


* The Rodenstock guarantee and service card is available from all participating opticians. The guarantees and services may differ from one country to another. Your entitlements under the statutory warranty remain unaffected. Spare parts for your Rodenstock spectacles are also available for several years after purchase. In the event of damage, you can have your spectacles repaired and also continue to use the spectacles.

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