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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Simply good vision: Distance spectacles from Rodenstock

Single vision lenses make sharp vision possible again at any distance.

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Sharp view to the horizon with a pair of Rodenstock spectacles

The well-known product among spectacles: distance spectacles, also called single vision lenses. They correct your defective vision and give you pin-sharp vision again. For you this means: better overall view and quality of life and increased safety, e.g. in traffic.

  • Sharp view to the edge
  • Sharp vision when driving
  • Sharp vision, near or far away

Rodenstock presents: the first individual single vision lens

The more accurately your lenses are adapted to you, the better you achieve a natural visual experience. There is an award-winning innovation at Rodenstock for this: individual single vision lenses that as well as your prescription, also take into account your face shape, posture and the fit of your frame. This makes a noticeable difference compared to traditional lenses:

    • Pin-sharp vision to the edge of the lens

      by adapting the lens to the fit of your frame

    • Sharp, high-contrast vision

      also in poor lighting conditions

    • Optimal wearing comfort

      thanks to very light plastic lenses

    • Excellent spatial perception

      for greater safety and reliability when driving

Traditional spectacles
Rodenstock spectacles

your advantage

Sharp vision

Unrestricted vision thanks to the high quality of our lenses – with individual adjustment of the lenses to the fit of the spectacle frame on your face.

Biometrically exact lenses

Because every eye is different

With biometric lenses, we at Rodenstock have created a new generation of lenses: Thanks to innovative technologies, the center of sharp vision can be determined for each individual eye. As a result, you as a spectacle wearer benefit from the sharpest vision for every angle and every gaze, no matter where you look.

Discover biometric intelligent lenses
  • Innovative eye measurement

    To calculate your biometric lenses, a Rodenstock partner optician uses a DNEye® Scanner to measure the exact shape and size of your eyes at several thousand measurement points within a few minutes. On this basis, they can calculate lenses that fit your eyes as perfectly as possible: biometrically exact lenses - we call them B.I.G. EXACT™.

  • Custom made, perfect fit

    All relevant biometric data flows directly into lens production at Rodenstock - resulting in lenses that fit each individual person as perfectly as possible.

  • Your exact biometric lenses

    Within a few days you will receive your glasses with biometrically accurate lenses.
    This means you benefit from the sharpest vision from any angle, no matter where you look.

Durable, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective

Make your spectacles multifunctional

There are considerable differences in the quality of spectacle lenses. With glasses in Rodenstock brand quality, you can rely on proven reliability and complete satisfaction.

So-called finishes help to ensure that you enjoy your glasses for a long time. Such an invisible protective coating improves the durability, scratch resistance and anti-reflective properties of the lenses. Make your glasses "multifunctional" and choose from the proven spectacle solutions from Rodenstock at your optician.

All extras

Say Goodbye to fatigue

Comfort for the eyes with additional support when reading

Reading can be fascinating, relaxing or enjoyable. However, for your eyes it is mainly one thing: a challenge. A simple aid in the lower area of the lens makes it easier for the eyes to adapt to different viewing distances. The field of vision of your Rodenstock spectacles with reading aid is specially adapted to your personal lifestyle and your viewing habits. This saves you, not only the fatigue from switching views to the book or display, but it is also easier to discover details – a benefit at work and in your leisure time.

Do you need spectacles?
Three possible indicators of visual impairment:

  • Headaches and tension

    Do you often squint your eyes to be able to see sharper in the distance? Do you get headaches when reading or working at the computer for a long time? This indicates impaired sight.

  • Uncertainty in traffic

    We rely in particular on good visibility when driving in the rain, in the dark or under backlight conditions. Therefore, even a slight vision problem can be annoying and cause disruptions and not least be dangerous.

  • Poor vision at twilight and in the dark

    Many people assume they are night-blind. In reality your visual impairment only appears different at night than during the day giving this impression.

Our guarantees and services

  • 6-month satisfaction guarantee

    We guarantee you a smooth acclimatisation period with your Rodenstock progressive lenses. However, if you are not satisfied in the first 6 months, we will replace the spectacles with another product from our range of similar quality.*

  • 3-year quality guarantee

    We give you a 36-month guarantee on the coating when you purchase spectacles with our premium coatings.*

  • 2-year quality guarantee

    We guarantee the function and durability of your new Rodenstock spectacles. If there is a quality defect within 24 months of purchase, you will receive an identical replacement pair of spectacles free of charge from your optician.*

* The Rodenstock guarantee and service card is available from all participating opticians. The guarantees and services may differ from one country to another. Your entitlements under the statutory warranty remain unaffected.