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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Lenses for glasses?
From Rodenstock of course!

Make your glasses even more resistant and easy to clean, while protecting your eyes.

High-Precision Lenses

Modern lenses: durable, shatterproof, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective

When it comes to spectacle lenses, there are significant differences in quality. With lenses in Rodenstock brand quality, you can count on safety, proven reliability and, above all, complete satisfaction.
Most of all, coatings help to ensure that you enjoy your glasses for a long time. These invisible protective layers improve the durability, scratch resistance and anti-reflective properties of the lenses. Whether it's protection against dirt and dust, the latest generation of UV protection or relaxed vision due to the reduction of artificial light from laptops or smartphones - ask your optician about Solitaire® enhancements from Rodenstock.

Solitaire® LayR

Premium protection. Layer for layer.

The high-tech finish Solitaire® LayR adds the multifunctional properties of innovative LayR Technology to Rodenstock's biometric lenses, offering the wearer significantly clearer vision - layer by layer.

Solitaire Background

Biometric lenses perfectly complemented

With LayR Technology, our biometric lenses become multifunctional lenses designed to overcome any challenge, layer by layer.

  • The basis: Biometric lenses
  • Integrated UV protection
  • Scratch resistance thanks to technological advances
  • Antistatic coating
  • Advanced anti-reflective coating
  • Streak and residue-free cleaning thanks to X-tra Clean
  • Optional: Blue light reducing layer
Optional: Blue light reducing layer
  • The basis: Biometric lenses:

    The basis for Solitaire LayR are custom lenses made based on the individual biometry of your eyes - Biometric Intelligent Glasses by Rodenstock.

  • Integrated UV protection:

    Since the sun's ultraviolet radiation can damage our eyes, the multifunctional lenses with LayR Technology have a layer with integrated UV protection.

  • Scratch resistance thanks to technological advances:

    Scratches on the lens can be extremely annoying for spectacle wearers and cause additional strain on the eyes. To increase the durability of the lenses and ensure an optimal visual experience, LayR Technology has a revolutionary hard coating. It protects the front and back of the lens, ensuring distraction-free, clear vision.

  • Antistatic coating:

    The antistatic coating of LayR Technology is a high-quality additional feature. It prevents the glasses from becoming statically charged during cleaning and thus attracting dirt particles and lint.

  • Advanced anti-reflective coating:

    LayR Technology's anti-reflective layer reduces visible reflections by 50% and allows more light to reach the sharp visual center at the back of the eye. To achieve this, LayR Technology does away with the widely used green reflection color, to which the eye is much more sensitive, and instead uses a blue, subtle reflection color that is less perceived by the human eye and actively supports the best visual experience.

  • Streak and residue-free cleaning thanks to X-tra Clean:

    With the X-tra Clean layer, Solitaire LayR gives the lens repellent properties so that water, grease and dirt do not accumulate on the surface - and at the same time the lens is exceptionally smooth and easier to clean.

  • Optional: Blue light reducing layer:

    Working at a screen for long periods of time can tire the eyes. LayR Technology offers an optional blue light reducing layer, thanks to which significantly less potentially harmful blue light hits the eyes.

  • Clearer vision

    Clearer vision

    Visible reflections are reduced by 50%. This allows more light to reach the sharp visual center at the back of the eye*.

  • Increased durability

    Increased durability

    A new dimension in scratch resistance: Solitaire® LayR offers a 70% increase in durability and improved hard coating*.

  • Streak-free cleaning

    Streak-free cleaning

    93% of wearers report easier and streak-free cleaning with X-tra Clean - one of the layers of Solitaire® LayR**.

* Compared to the previous generation
** Study conducted in August 2018 by an independent institute on behalf of Rodenstock.

Sharpest vision in any light

The self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock

Our self-tinting lenses automatically adjust to any light situation, allowing relaxed and glare-free vision at all times. They are absolutely clear indoors and tint outdoors depending on weather conditions.

The deep darkening and rapid brightening ensure tangible visual comfort, protect against UV radiation and reduce potentially harmful blue light. Available in four colours, Rodenstock's self-tinting lenses guarantee versatility and style. Whether as glasses or sunglasses: ColorMatic® offers relaxed and sharp vision in every situation and are therefore the perfect intelligent everyday glasses.

Biometrically exact lenses

Because every eye is different

With biometric lenses, we at Rodenstock have created a new generation of lenses: Thanks to innovative technologies, the center of sharp vision can be determined for each individual eye. As a result, you as a spectacle wearer benefit from the sharpest vision for every angle and every gaze, no matter where you look.

Discover biometric intelligent lenses
  • Innovative eye measurement

    To calculate your biometric lenses, a Rodenstock partner optician uses a DNEye® Scanner to measure the exact shape and size of your eyes at several thousand measurement points within a few minutes. On this basis, they can calculate lenses that fit your eyes as perfectly as possible: biometrically exact lenses - we call them B.I.G. EXACT™.

  • Custom made, perfect fit

    All relevant biometric data flows directly into lens production at Rodenstock - resulting in lenses that fit each individual person as perfectly as possible.

  • Your exact biometric lenses

    Within a few days you will receive your glasses with biometrically accurate lenses.
    This means you benefit from the sharpest vision from any angle, no matter where you look.

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For Optical Practitioners: Instructions for use guides and declarations of conformity

Following the Medical Device Directive, here you will find instructions for use guide for our lenses to download as well as declarations of conformity for our lenses.

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