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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Lenses based on an approximate biometric eye model powered by Rodenstock’s unique AI technology.

Providing a B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL with Artificial Intelligence

By using Artificial Intelligence Rodenstock brings a new level of biometric precision into lens calculation that will help users achieve sharper vision, even when exact DNEye® Scanner measurements are unavailable.

Using statistical analysis, we are able to determine new, more precise lens calculations for all of the most important biometric parameters in the eye. With these new lens calculation norms, we unleash the potential of one of the biggest biometric data sets in the industry – comprising 500,000 individual biometric eye scans.

Rodenstock’s new lens calculation norms allow us to create an approximate biometric model of the eye, using just the standard prescription values delivered to Rodenstock by opticians as input.

With its new artificial intelligence technology, Rodenstock is finally able to make Biometric Intelligent Glasses available to all progressive lens wearers. We call these new lenses: B.I.G. NORM.

Raising the bar for progressive lenses

While the benefits of B.I.G. EXACT™ - Biometric Intelligent Glasses that are produced using exact measurements from the DNEye® Scanner – are still unparalleled, our AI technology enables us to increase the level of biometric accuracy within standard progressive lenses. They allow us to start a biometric revolution that will finally make B.I.G. VISION™ available to everyone.
We provide B.I.G. VISION FOR ALL

The old norm

Before B.I.G. VISION™, when we first began our biometric research, we faced an issue – an old norm used in progressive lens manufacturing. An old norm where the only input most lens manufacturers use to tailor lenses to the user’s eyes is a standard calculation based on just the four prescription values from the standard vision test.

Wearers' experiences with B.I.G. NORM™

To investigate the vision benefits of Rodenstock’s AI-powered B.I.G. NORM™ lenses, we conducted a trial, asking people who need to wear progressive lenses to try our new AI-powered lenses. They then compared these lenses to their old lenses. The differences were clear:
• 97 percent experienced reduced peripheral aberrations.*
• 94 percent experienced a wider progression zone in the lens.*
• 91 percent experienced a reduced swimming effect.*
• 97 percent experienced reduced aberrations at far.*

* Results of an external wearer trial conducted with the University of Applied Science in Munich

Nora was one of the participants to experience the benefits of lenses created using an approximate biometric model of her eyes.


Do you want to learn more about biometrically exact lenses? Discover B.I.G. EXACT™ - lenses based on an exact biometric eye model powered by Rodenstock’s unique DNEye® technology!

Discover B.I.G. EXACT™

B.I.G. NORM™ deep dive

To dive even deeper into the technology behind B.I.G. NORM™, read how Rodenstock developed the new norm in lens calculation.

AI and a new norm of lens calculation

B.I.G. NORM™ brochure

Want to know more about the science behind Rodenstock’s B.I.G. NORM™ lenses and the vision benefits that they provide?


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