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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Good to know | Sep 10, 2020

A customer and her new biometric progressive lenses

A review from Down Under about the visual experience with a new pair of Rodenstock progressive lenses.

Customers can have biometric progressive lenses made by opticians around the world after having their eyes measured with a DNEye® Scanner: even far away from the German Rodenstock headquarters, in Australia. We are very pleased and excited that our progressive lenses also inspire customers in Down Under, as a Rodenstock customer reports on Instagram shortly after receiving her new spectacles.

[...] I am so excited today to be looking through the most amazing new lens from @rodenstock.au.

I had the good fortune of using the DNEye machine @zacharia.naumann.optometry in Wagga recently and am totally blown away by these lenses!!!
Did you know that no two eyes are the same and the DNEye machine scans your eyes at around 7000 different points? It records your pupils and how they react to dark and light...making my night vision so much better...And the Rodenstock technology makes these lenses adapt to me personally!!

I am so happy and for the first time since wearing a multi focal I don’t feel like I’m going to fall down the stairs.

I am very lucky to be working in an industry where I am surrounded by professionals who can make such a difference to people’s lives.
Thanks to my fabulous Optometrist to the stars @mossvaleoptical and to @zacharia.naumann.optometry for the whole amazing DNEye experience and to @rodenstock.au for looking after me with these divine new lenses!!

Jacque Katsieris is the owner and co-founder of ProOptics. The company develops and distributes spectacle frames that combine style and comfort at affordable prices.
She has spent her entire professional life with eyewear and has extensive knowledge of international brands and the requirements of the Australian market.

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