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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Good to know | Feb 13, 2019

Are computer spectacles only suitable for the computer?

Workplace spectacles, near comfort spectacles or spatial spectacles – computer spectacles have many names and what many people do not know: a surprisingly high number of applications.

A pair of computer spectacles can be useful not only in the office, but also for other activities that demand concentrated viewing at a shorter distance.

Comfortable vision at work and in your spare time.

Already from the first click of the mouse a pair of computer spectacles increases the sense of well-being and the quality of life at work with a computer, because they are optimally adapted to the eye distance to the keyboard and the monitor. They guarantee that one has pin-sharp vision and adopts a healthy sitting posture. Stephan Degle, Professor for Optometry and Ophthalmic Optics, explains why computer spectacles are so important in our digitalised world:

Stephan Degle, Professor for Optometry and Ophthalmic Optics: "Almost 50% of all employed persons in Germany work predominantly at the screen. But we are not only confronted with computers, tablets, smartphones, etc., in our working world. Often during childhood the eyesight concentrates on the near range. This results in a number of complaints, starting with headaches and problems with posture through to dry eyes."

In addition, a pair of computer spectacles can facilitate the life and work of many people, as Birgit Schott, specialist optician and trainer for opticians observes:
"Near comfort or spatial spectacles are also suitable for other professions, such as tradesmen, dentists or people who mainly work or stay in rooms. All individuals benefit from near comfort spectacles as they permit good vision at a defined close range or in a room up to 5 metres."

Compared to progressive lenses or reading spectacles, the computer spectacles have many advantages. They permit a better detection of details in the extended near range, which reading spectacles, for example, can only do to a limited extent. Many hobbies, which are carried out in the near, intermediate and spatial distance, are possible into old age. Comfortable, pleasant vision, with normal body posture gives the wearers of near comfort spectacles the confidence and joy to enjoy their everyday life. This not only facilitates the work, but also protects the neck and back. "For many hobbies or activities in the house such as cooking, knitting, sewing, painting or playing cards, a pair of near comfort spectacles is the ideal alternative to progressive lenses or reading spectacles", adds Birgit Schott.

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