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Lenses | Jan 9, 2024

A clearer view – layer by layer

The new LayR technology from Rodenstock

Munich, January 2024 – Every day, spectacle wearers face numerous challenges that stand in the way of clear vision – be it dust, dirt, fingerprints on the lens surface or even scratches, as well as harmful UV and potentially harmful blue light. The innovative high-tech enhancement Solitaire® LayR, improves Rodenstock's biometric lenses with the brand new LayR technology and offers the wearer a significantly clearer view.

Nowadays, it is normal for spectacle lenses to be finished with coatings that increase visual comfort. That's why lens expert Rodenstock, which has also been a leader in coating technology for years, is now taking the approach of looking at the coatings separately – layer by layer – as an extension of biometric lenses with multifunctional layers to provide the best possible vision with its innovative LayR technology. That's because each of the LayR technology layers is specifically designed to overcome various impairments on the path to clearer vision, be they scratches on the lens, dust, dirt or fingerprints on the lens surface, and harmful UV as well as potentially harmful blue light.

Advanced anti-reflective coatings
The advanced anti-reflective layers of LayR technology reduce visible reflections by 50% compared to the previous product and allow more light to reach the sharp visual center at the back of the eye. To achieve this, LayR technology eliminates the use of the widely used green reflection color, to which the eye is much more sensitive, and instead uses a blue subtle reflection color. The new subtle reflection color is perceived less strongly by the human eye and increases clearer vision.

Integrated UV protection
Because the sun's ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts and retinal damage such as macular degeneration, proper eye protection is important. The multifunctional lenses with LayR technology have a layer with integrated UV protection that protects the eye from harmful UV rays from the front and also from reflected UV light from the back of the lens.

Scratch resistance thanks to technological advances
Scratches on the lens can be extremely distracting for spectacle wearers and cause additional strain on the eyes. To increase lens durability and ensure the best visual experience, LayR technology features a revolutionary hard coating. This protects the front and back of the lens to ensure distraction-free, clear vision.

Blue light reducing layer
Working at screens for long periods can tire the eyes. LayR technology offers an optional blue light reducing layer, thanks to which significantly less potentially harmful blue light hits the eyes.

Antistatic coating
With the antistatic coating, LayR technology gives the lens repellent properties that ensure that dust does not collect on the surface and impair vision. In addition, the antistatic layer also prevents the lenses from becoming statically charged during cleaning, thereby attracting dirt particles and lint.

X-tra Clean
To provide clear vision for longer, LayR technology incorporates the industry-leading X-tra Clean finish. By providing an exceptionally smooth surface, X-tra Clean prevents water, grease and dirt from accumulating on the surface while allowing for quick and easy lens cleaning without streaks or residue when needed. In fact, in a study conducted by an independent institute, 93% of spectacle wearers said that lenses with X-tra Clean finish are easier to clean than their current lenses and that fingerprints can be wiped off without streaks.*
The multifunctional layers of LayR technology help spectacle wearers avoid impairments to clear vision. As another building block to Rodenstock's biometric lenses that provide the sharpest vision, LayR technology brings Rodenstock one step closer to its mission of B.I.G. VISION® FOR ALL. Providing the best vision for everyone.

* Study by an independent institute commissioned by Rodenstock, conducted in August 2018

About Rodenstock:
The Rodenstock Group is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality eyeglass lenses. With its philosophy "B.I.G. VISION® FOR ALL", the lens manufacturer stands for a paradigm shift in individual progressive lenses. Founded in 1877 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company employs around 5,000 people worldwide and is represented by sales offices and distribution partners in more than 85 countries. Rodenstock operates with 6 central production facilities to ensure global availability. For more information, visit www.rodenstock.com/press

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