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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Lenses | Oct 15, 2022

Biometric lenses by Rodenstock

Increase well-being with good vision

Munich, October 2022: With up to 250,000 movements a day, the human eye makes an enormous effort. Moreover, the ability to see is one of the most important senses and at the same time one of the most complex processes in the human body. It is therefore all the more important for human well-being to be able to see well in each everyday situation, even in poor lighting conditions. As soon as the eye can no longer perform the visual process completely on its own, it needs support so that a natural visual experience with sharp vision is possible again. Biometric lenses by Rodenstock are made for the individual needs of each eye and offer the best vision due to their precision fit.

The eye measurement revolution
Everyone who has ever needed spectacles knows the conventional eye test with trial lenses. Here, only the four traditional standard refraction values are determined in order to manufacture the spectacle lens on the basis of them. What remains unconsidered is that every eye is unique - in its shape and, for example, in the refractive power of the lens. So for good and sharp vision, far more optical components have to be taken into account than is possible in a traditional eye test. Because the more precisely a lens fits the eye of the respective spectacle wearer, the better it can compensate for weaknesses.
Thanks to innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible for the lens and frame specialist Rodenstock to measure each individual eye far more precisely - most accurately with the help of the DNEye® scanner, which digitally measures the eye, or also on the basis of artificial intelligence. Using the personal data set of several thousand measurement points, a biometric eye profile is calculated which takes into account all key parameters with the respective, individual values and which is directly incorporated into the production of the spectacle lens.

Perfect vision thanks to biometric precision
You notice it straightaway when lenses are not suitable. But it often happens that spectacle wearers whose spectacles are not optimally adapted are not aware of their vision potential – they only notice that their eyes become tired quickly or that their vision is blurred at night when driving and they are hesitant and uneasy. Biometric lenses, on the other hand, offer sharp vision even in difficult light conditions such as twilight, thanks to their precise fit to the individual eye, regardless of whether the wearer is wearing single vision spectacles, progressive glasses or computer spectacles.
A Swiss market study that asked about the experience with biometric lenses proves the great advantages: 80% of spectacle wearers said they saw better in the twilight*, 92% felt their vision was sharper than before* and 88% perceived greater visual comfort than with their old spectacles*.
* DNEye® Customer Survey (2018). Zurich.

About Rodenstock:
As the world's leading manufacturer of biometric lenses, Rodenstock stands for a paradigm shift in individual lenses thanks to its innovative technologies and its philosophy "B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL - Biometric Intelligent Glasses". The Munich-based company was founded in 1877 and, as an expert in good vision, demonstrates groundbreaking innovations and market-leading technologies, particularly in the field of spectacle lenses.

More information can be found online at www.rodenstock.com/press.

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