The moment when everything fits together:
Customised lenses.

Achieve your best visual experience
with individual lenses made for you.

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Like a tailormade suit

Custom lenses from Rodenstock.

Every eye is different. Customised lenses from Rodenstock take this into consideration. That's why they also "fit like a glove" – exactly like a high-quality tailor-made suit.

Optimal visual sensation

The big advantage of customised lenses.

With a tailored suit one would say, "it is made to measure" or "it fits like a second skin". Nothing pinches, nothing nips. Everything looks perfect.
A pair of spectacles made especially for you with customised lenses in the right frame achieves the same effect: Your eyes immediately feel comfortable. Compared to traditional lenses you have sharper and higher contrast vision, particularly at twilight. In brief: You obtain a new, unprecedented visual feeling!
With customised lenses from Rodenstock you can finally fully exploit your personal vision potential.

How your individual Rodenstock spectacles are produced.

What an excellent custom tailor can do, a large number of Rodenstock opticians can also do when it comes to spectacles. Your certified optician uses the most innovative technology:

1. The DNEye® Scanner

Innovative eye measurement

Firstly, your eyes are measured with the ultramodern Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner. The measurement is fully automatic and very precise at over 7,000 points.
Unlike traditional measuring devices, the DNEye® Scanner not only records the standard values for myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness) and corneal curvature, but far more – e.g. the reaction of your pupil during the day and at night as well as the corresponding changes in vision. This way individual aberrations are also detected, which are responsible for reduced contrast sensitivity and poor vision at twilight, for example.

  • With the DNEye® Scanner from Rodenstock, we measure your eyes more precisely than ever before. Read more
Watch film about DNEye® technology
2. The ImpressionIST®

3D lens measurement

How the spectacles sit on the face plays a decisive role in the manufacture of customised lenses. The key measurement data is collected with the Rodenstock ImpressionIST®, a 3D video centration system.
You simply look into the mirror of the ImpressionIST®. Images are taken from two perspectives by two cameras. Using these images, parameters of your face, combined with the selected frame, are measured exactly, as is the distance between the pupils and their diameter.

3. The Calculation

Perfect bespoke manufacture

Your optician sends the measurement results together with your order and the results from the "normal" eye test to Rodenstock. Then comes the real "secret" of the highly developed manufacturing technology: the calculation of the optimal lenses for you, which are ideally adapted to your eyes at every visual point.
The result is the most precise Rodenstock lenses of all time, with which you finally maximise your personal vision potential. You'll notice the difference to off-the-peg spectacles. Guaranteed

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Health care for your eyes? Fast and convenient at your optician.

So that you are also able to see perfectly in the future with your new Rodenstock spectacles, the health of your eyes is absolutely crucial. In order to maintain your health over the long term, an annual check-up is advised for people aged 40 and over.

For Precaution

The Rodenstock Fundus Scanner

Suitably qualified opticians can offer you health care services by means of a so-called optometric screening. With the Rodenstock Fundus Scanner and the DNEye® Scanner 2+, it is possible, for example, to measure and analyse the anterior and posterior eye segments. Abnormalities on the retina and other risk factors can be detected early and if required the patient can be specifically referred to an ophthalmologist for further clarification and treatment.*

    * The digital eye screening and evaluation by telemedicine services are used for the prevention and screening of abnormalities in the eye. However, it does not replace the visit to the ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment.

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