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Experience reports from our professionals

  • "We are a strong team that combines new with old, traditional with modern through cultural change. This creates a lot of future potential which, together with the values of solidarity, cohesion, responsibility and standing up for each other, makes Rodenstock what it is today!"

    Why did you choose Rodenstock?
    I found my desire for a dynamic, international and future-oriented work environment at Rodenstock. Thanks to our Danish CEO, well-trained, international colleagues and a future-oriented corporate strategy, the Rodenstock Group is in an exciting phase of change. There is a focus on modernization, digitalization and flexibilization in production-related areas. This environment seemed so exciting to me that I couldn't say "no" - and I haven't regretted it to this day!

    What inspires you about Rodenstock and your work to this day?

    My work is very diverse and characterized by personal responsibility. Since I started, I have been shown a lot of appreciation. This creates a very positive working atmosphere, which in turn promotes enjoyment at work. The good work-life balance also motivates me.

    For whom is Rodenstock the right employer?

    If you have the intrinsic motivation and the inner need for change, you are right here! People with drive who want to continue tradition and at the same time question old thought patterns and adapt them to current circumstances in order to help shape the future and the further international growth course of Rodenstock. Independent work, a pronounced team spirit and close, cross-departmental cooperation create a working environment in which results are quickly visible. It goes without saying that quality is a top priority, both in our precision products and in our daily work.

    How would you describe our corporate culture and what do you find unique? Which corporate values are important to you?
    Rodenstock combines traditional values in a modern company. The traditional takes into account Rodenstock's origins, core values and high standards. The modern completes this with innovative ways of working, pragmatism and the drive for change.

    What was your personal highlight at the company? What will you remember?
    A few months after I started, I was allowed to supervise a project in Santiago de Chile and visit the site as part of this. Through a semester abroad and internship in Santiago during my studies, I built up a close bond with the country and its people. Returning to this setting, seeing my friends again and combining all this with an exciting project at the site was a wonderful start to my time at Rodenstock.

    What are your future goals in the company?
    I am open to new challenges. I can also well imagine a job rotation to one of our foreign sites. Since I am very satisfied with my development at Rodenstock so far, I trust my supervisor to discuss suitable challenges and opportunities with me. I am looking forward to the coming years here at Rodenstock!

  • "What excites me most is the broad creative freedom and the great interaction among colleagues."

    Why did you choose Rodenstock?
    I have previously worked in the hearing care industry, so I have already had to deal with medical products. A product that is interesting to me increases people's quality of life. When I moved from Hamburg to Munich, it was very important to me to work in a medical technology company again. That is what fulfills me and where I know that my work performance makes a valuable contribution. I also find the internationality of Rodenstock exciting. What particularly excites me about my position is the global collaboration. That's what I was looking for and found at Rodenstock.

    What inspires you about Rodenstock and your work to this day?
    Every single employee can make a huge difference at Rodenstock. Conceptually, I often start on a greenfield site and get a lot of freedom for implementation. I was immediately warmly welcomed into our team. The supportive interaction and the togetherness inspire me to this day. On my first day at work, I was personally introduced to the various departments (Product Management and Research & Development). I clearly remember well how impressed I was at that time by the academic titles of my colleagues. And my impression at the time of the high technical competence and professionalism of the departments is now confirmed on a daily basis.

    For whom is Rodenstock the right employer?
    Rodenstock is the right employer for team players, because at Rodenstock we work not only in interdisciplinary but also international teams and everyone actively contributes in a motivated working environment. People who like to interact and network are in the right place here. The wonderful interaction with my colleagues and the resulting bundled expertise have a positive effect on product quality.

    How would you describe our corporate culture and what do you find unique? Which corporate values are important to you?
    I am convinced by the work-life balance at Rodenstock. The focus is on people. The team spirit is outstanding. In addition, there is flexibility in workplace design. This facilitates cross-divisional exchange, which is based on a dynamic and innovative working environment.

    What was your personal highlight at the company and what will you remember?
    In first place is the initiation of a global product community - this is where the accumulated international product knowledge now regularly comes together to exchange ideas and share best practices. Directly followed by another highlight: the founding of WIMPACT, our internal women's network. I really enjoy meeting and exchanging ideas with my female colleagues at Rodenstock. We have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to implementing projects. I am convinced that we will offer a wide range of events in the future to help women continue to develop personally and professionally.

    What are your future goals in the company?
    My goal is to exploit the given scope for creativity and thus contribute to the success of the company. I plan to stay with Rodenstock for a long time. I want to do my best and get to know even more exciting international colleagues. I would like to continue to help build up the internal women's network WIMPACT and provide modern impetus to further promote the advancement of women.

  • "At Rodenstock, we are the experts for good vision. I am enthusiastic about marketing products that make a real difference for us people and provide or give back quality of life. “

    Why did you choose Rodenstock?

    I am enthusiastic about marketing products that make a real difference for us humans and enhance or give back quality of life. That's exactly what we do at Rodenstock with our biometric lenses for our most important sensory organ - the eye. This corporate DNA inspires me and drives me to go the extra mile every day.

    What inspires you about Rodenstock and your work to this day?
    At Rodenstock, we are the experts for good vision. We stand for the highest quality and a range of groundbreaking innovations and market-leading technologies - that inspires my work every day. In addition, everything we do always focuses on our customers - we create added value for our opticians and for all people who wear our lenses. To always be one step ahead of the market and to always bring the best to the market for our customers in a professional team with a lot of fun, inspires me to this day.

    For whom is Rodenstock the right employer for?
    Rodenstock is the perfect employer for all those who are enthusiastic about market-changing innovations and want to make a contribution to offering people around the world an incomparable, biometrically improved visual experience and thus giving them a quality of life.
    Rodenstock is particularly exciting for those interested in marketing, as it is our job to "translate" highly complex products for the market in such a way that our spectacle wearers understand the benefits and become enthusiastic about them, and to communicate this through all marketing channels, both online and offline.

    How would you describe our corporate culture and what do you find unique? Which corporate values are important to you?
    Our corporate culture is very diverse. We live an impressive mix of high standards, professionalism, 100% customer centricity, but above all teamwork and fun. We often go the "extra mile" with a smile on our faces and with the confidence that we can achieve anything as a team.

    What was your personal highlight at the company? What will remain in your memory?
    There have been so many highlights that it's hard for me to pick out one in particular. The exceptional thing is when you find a little highlight every week and enjoy what you do. For me, that's especially the regular meetings with my team, where we exchange ideas, both privately and professionally, master challenges in projects and celebrate successes together. That inspires me and gives me so much energy for the tasks ahead.

    What are your future goals in the company?
    My goal is to continue to play an active role in ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy biometric lenses in the future, because they offer so many advantages, especially for people of progressive age, and give them back their quality of life. I would like to make my contribution to this.

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