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Not written an application in a while?
No problem, we will be happy to give you tips on which documents your application should ideally contain.

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Your application documents

We will give you some tips and information on how you should ideally create your documents.

  • Your cover letter should summarize all the important information about you in a short and concise way. The writing style should be natural and uncomplicated. The shorter the sentences, the more dynamic the effect of the letter. Put yourself into the position of the reader. Is your job application appealing? Is there meaning in the text? It is possible to clearly recognize what experience you have and what knowledge you will bring with you? Avoid standard phrases and stand out positvely from other applicants.

  • Your CV gives an overview of your education, professional career and skills.
    Please ensure that there are no gaps in your professional career to date. The layout should preferably tabular so that all the data can be quickly found. Use key words to relate your area of responsibility in the respective company along with the period of employment.

  • If available, we are in favour of you sending your certificates and references directly together with your job application. We also look forward to your sending work samples for creative positions.

When writing, you can use the following questions as a guide:

Appointment request

Send a non-binding appointment request to the optician of your choice.


Your wish list

To help your optician prepare for the appointment, attach your wish list including your selected spectacles and frames to the appointment request.

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You will shortly receive an email confirming the data that has been sent to the optician. The optician will contact you directly to set-up your appointment.

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