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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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How we see ourselves -
our company culture

Do you regard freedom as an opportunity to do something new?
Do you say what you think, and do what you say?
Does success drive you to take on new challenges and overcome them with passion?
Then Rodenstock is just the place for you!

Corporate culture makes the difference - with conviction and cohesion

Being part of something B.I.G.

Rodenstock's vision, strategy and values are always at the heart of everything we do. Being an indispensable part of a big whole whose individual contribution is seen and valued - is what makes our corporate culture unique. Our cohesion and our team culture are based on a common high level of identification with Rodenstock and our products, as well as common values. Our goal is to provide people with a better visual experience and thus a better quality of life through biometrically optimised lenses.

Our vision and mission

We will be a match if you ...

    • ... think outside the box and see the big picture as an entrepreneurial recipe for success.

    • ... approach your work with enthusiasm, conviction and passion and have the motivation to find the best solution with a pioneering spirit and focus on achieving your vision and high standards.

    • ... make courageous decisions on your own responsibility and stand up for them.

    • ... seek open exchange in cooperation with others, listen to them and reflect on different perspectives. Through feedback and experience, you will continue to develop.

    • ... see change and agility as an opportunity to learn and break new ground.

    • ... like to work in an international environment.

How we live our corporate values and
for whom Rodenstock is the right employer

Interview with our colleagues

  • Sabrina Klose
  • Lukas Gromann, PhD
  • Nicola Tietze-Maggi
  • Kornel Bogyo
  • Arndt Lindemann
  • Klose

    Sabrina Klose

    “Our employees have diverse professional backgrounds and therefore different ways of thinking and approaches, which they incorporate into projects and, as a joint result, bring completely new ideas and perspectives to our projects. - This diversity is part of our company's recipe for success.”

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  • Gromann

    Lukas Gromann, PhD

    “The opportunity to explore the eye and understand how a single spectacle lens can have an impact on a person's entire everyday life is a specialized and meaningful task that makes our company special.”

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  • Nicola Tietze-Maggi

    Nicola Tietze-Maggi

    „I am particularly enthusiastic about the great creative freedom and the great interaction between colleagues... Rodenstock is the right employer for team players, as Rodenstock works in interdisciplinary and international teams and everyone actively contributes in a motivated working environment. People who like to interact and network are in the right place here. The intensive cooperation with my colleagues and the resulting bundled expertise has a positive effect on product quality.“
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  • Bogyo

    Kornel Bogyo

    “Employees are given a lot of responsibility and a great deal of room for decision-making, facilitating continuous personal and professional development "on the job". Over the last few years, I have witnessed many such "success stories". From former trainees who have risen to management positions as well as from career changers, including myself, who now manage a sales team. All doors are open to anyone who is keen and committed.”

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  • Arndt Lindemann

    Arndt Lindemann

    „We are a strong team that combines new with old, traditional with modern through cultural change. Solidarity, cohesion, responsibility or standing up for each other are thereby underlined and make Rodenstock what it is today... The traditional takes into account the origins of Rodenstock, the basic values and the high standards. The modern completes this with innovative working methods, pragmatism and the urge for change... Independent work, a strong team spirit and close, interdepartmental cooperation create a working environment in which results are quickly visible. “
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