Rodenstock: Pioneers of vision since 1877.

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Because our passion is spectacles.

As a manufacturer of lenses and frames we see vision as a whole. We have been developing precision masterpieces for more than 140 years – in function, material and design. This, together with our constant quest for innovation, the supreme quality standard of our lenses, as well as great attention to detail, makes us experts for better vision.

Complete range of spectacles from a single source – in premium quality.

Rodenstock lenses

Customised masterpieces with precise cut for a brand new visual experience.

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Rodenstock spectacle frames

A perfect symbiosis of timeless design and highest technical standard.

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Your first step towards the perfect lens.

Find your optimal lens with the digital lens consultant.

Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles, or are computer spectacles a better solution for you?
The digital lens consultant from Rodenstock determines your personal viewing habits and requirements. It helps you make a pre-selection so you are optimally prepared for your visit to the Rodenstock optician!

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Discover the right Rodenstock lens for every situation.

Whether it is corrective lenses or sunglasses, classic or modern, for ladies or for men; with spectacles from Rodenstock you choose brand quality and German engineering. No matter what your requirements are in everyday life, at work or in your spare time - here you find the perfect lens that makes every moment well worth seeing.

Rodenstock Journal

Our passion is lenses – this is where we feel at home for more than 140 years. With the Rodenstock Journal we want to share our enthusiasm and know-how with you and inform you about current news, products, highlights and trends relating to spectacles.

Plastic vs. mineral glass – which lens is better?

Whereas the choice of spectacle frame mainly depends on face shape and taste, other criteria apply to lenses.

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Which spectacles suit me?

With spectacles there are shapes that flatter one person, but do not suit another person. Determine your face shape and find out which spectacles suit you best.

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The Rodenstock lens guarantee card – So you know what's going on!

A lens passport looks really complicated at first glance. But when you know what the many abbreviations and symbols mean it is really easy to read.

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Spectacles for cycling – one of the most diverse sports

With the ProAct® sports spectacles collection we offer aesthetically appealing frames for every face shape. Thanks to the unbreakable material you do not need to be afraid that the spectacles will break and cut your skin if you fall.

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How to match your spectacle colour to your skin type

Choosing a pair of spectacles generally comes down to your own personal taste. However, with a few simple tricks the model can be perfectly adapted to your individual types. When choosing the colour it is important to be aware of your own skin type.

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Do spectacles weaken the eyes?

There are biases and preconceptions that everyone has heard of at least once, but nobody seems to really know if and how much truth there is behind them. The Rodenstock experts clarify matters!

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Rodenstock optician in your vicinity.

A large selection of Rodenstock products awaits you at our Rodenstock partner opticians all over the world. Experienced opticians help you to find your perfect lens. Let us advise you.

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