Simply good vision: Distance spectacles from Rodenstock.

Whether it is myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) or astigmatism (corneal curvature): Customised Rodenstock lenses are the solution.

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Sharp view to the horizon with a pair of Rodenstock spectacles.

The well-known product among spectacles: distance spectacles, also called single vision lenses. They correct your defective vision and give you pin-sharp vision again. For you this means: better overall view and quality of life and increased safety, e.g. in traffic.

Online eye test

Rodenstock distance spectacles – for everyone who wants to see clearly in day-to-day life.

Can you see objects up close quite well, but everything becomes blurred in the distance? Or the other way round? Do your eyes become tired quickly or red? Then the solution is obvious: Single vision lenses make sharp vision possible again at any distance.

Test your vision

Rodenstock presents: the first individual single vision lens.

The more accurately your lenses are adapted to you, the better you achieve a natural visual experience. There is an award-winning innovation at Rodenstock for this: individual single vision lenses that as well as your prescription, also take into account your face shape, posture and the fit of your frame. This makes a noticeable difference compared to traditional lenses:

your advantage

Sharp vision

Unrestricted vision thanks to the high quality of our lenses – with individual adjustment of the lenses to the fit of the spectacle frame on your face.

Traditional spectacles
Rodenstock spectacles
Traditional spectacles
Rodenstock spectacles
your advantage


Optimal wearing comfort and aesthetic appearance – 45% lighter than mineral glass and 20% thinner than a traditional plastic lens

Appropriate extras for your needs.

Premium coatings

Rodenstock Solitaire® 2: Durability, anti-reflection and scratch resistant.

With the premium coatings from Rodenstock you can make your spectacles even more resistant or easier to clean or provide even better protection for your eyes against harmful light. Whether it is protection against dirt and dust, the latest generation of UV protection, or relaxed vision with the reduction of artificial light from computers, laptops and smartphones - simply ask your optician about the Rodenstock Solitaire® 2 coatings.

So smooth, nothing sticks

Long-lasting vision with X-tra Clean.

Clean lenses the whole day? The new X-tra Clean finish makes it possible. The special optional finish (applied to the front and rear surface of the lens) on Rodenstock premium lenses is the deciding factor here.
The extremely smooth surface means that dirt hardly sticks – and if the lenses do get dirty, it can be easily removed.

  • Long-lasting, crystal clear view
  • Fast and simple cleaning of lenses without leaving any streaks or residue
  • Dirt, water and dust repellent properties
How X-tra Clean works
Perfect vision in any light condition

Self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock.

Our self-tinting spectacles ColorMatic IQ® 2 automatically adapt to every light situation, providing comfortable and anti-glare vision at all times. They are crystal clear inside and change colour outdoors, depending on the light intensity.The fast brightening and darkening reduced the fatigue of your eyes, when changing between different lighting conditions. Our 100% UV protection up to 400 nm provides optimal protection of the eyes, as well as eye area and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

How ColorMatic IQ® 2 works
protection for your eyes

Rodenstock light protection PRO410.

UV-rays can be harmful for your eyes as well as your skin and can even penetrate through the clouds of an overcast sky. Next to the UV-radiation in the spectrum is blue light. It is important for biorhythms and other biological functions of the body. As well as the positive effects, certain elements of blue light can also be potentially harmful.
The formula of success is the right relation. With Rodenstock light protection PRO410 your eyes only get the light they really need – day by day.

Say Goodbye to fatigue

Comfort for the eyes with additional support when reading.

Reading can be fascinating, relaxing or enjoyable. However, for your eyes it is mainly one thing: a challenge. A simple aid in the lower area of the lens makes it easier for the eyes to adapt to different viewing distances. This saves you, not only the fatigue from switching views to the book or display, but it is also easier to discover details – a benefit at work and in your leisure time.

More about the reading aid

The right frame for your distance spectacles.

As a manufacturer of lenses and frames, we offer you perfect quality from a single source. Spectacle frames from Rodenstock combine innovative technologies and materials with a classic and traditional, as well as timeless and stylish, design. Discover the right frame for your individual style now:

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Test your vision

What visual acuity do you have in the distance? Try it!

  1. Download our template and print it out.
  2. Secure the sheet on the wall at eye level and move back 4 metres (5 steps).
  3. Try to see to where the circular opening is pointing. Remember the line that you can still clearly and easily detect.
Download templatetest-for-visual-impairment.pdf (76 KB)
  • At which line could you no longer precisely detect the circular opening? The corresponding value describes your visual acuity for distance.

    Visual acuity 1.2 to 1.5:
    Congratulations! You have eyes like a hawk! However, you should not forget to regularly visit the optician or ophthalmologist to check your excellent vision.

    Visual acuity 1.0:

    You probably do not need spectacles. However, the eyes may change over time and the visual acuity may deteriorate. Therefore, timely examinations are advised.

    Visual acuity 0.8:

    This is the limit for safe driving. You should still have your eyes checked with the doctor or optician! Bear in mind that at night or in glaring conditions you have reduced visual acuity than in daylight.

    Visual acuity 0.4 to 0.6:

    Your visual acuity appears to be alarmingly low. Have your eyes professionally tested as soon as possible! You need spectacles, especially when driving.

Reading aid

The field of vision of your Rodenstock spectacles with reading aid is specially adapted to your personal lifestyle and your viewing habits. The reading aid is located in the lower area of the lens and makes it easier for the eye to adapt to different distances. This guarantees fatigue-free and relaxed vision and also increases performance at work and in your spare time.

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