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10.01.2020 // Category: Trade Press

Porsche Design presents the VISION DRIVE lens technology innovation

Stuttgart/Munich. Clear vision without bothersome glare or reflections –
Porsche Design presents innovative lens technologies under the name VISION DRIVE, which make sunglasses into more than just a design highlight. The high-quality lenses provide decisive optical benefits – not only for the ultimate driving experience, but also for everyday life. VISION DRIVE sunglasses lenses were developed for the highest optical performance. They combine unique craftsmanship, precision grinding and intelligent technology.

VISION DRIVE Polarized sunglasses keep bothersome reflections away and only allow beneficial light to reach the eye. This prevents the eyes from becoming fatigued making it possible to maintain concentration for longer. Through clear vision that is accurate in every detail, driver safety is increased to the maximum. VISION DRIVE Polarized lenses also filter the reflected light to varying degrees depending on the angle of reflection, through which objects are perceived with different levels of brightness. That way they appear to be clearer, have greater contrast, and the colours are very natural.
Perfect vision is achieved through maximum reduction of reflections and glare on wet and smooth surfaces. VISION DRIVE Polarized sunglasses lenses are for example available in Porsche Design Eyewear models P’8478J, P’8508A and P’8665B.

Thanks to the combination of polarization and integrated contour and contrast perception, the high-end lenses are ideal for dynamic car trips and ensure a brilliant vision experience when the sun is low in the sky during the morning and evening hours. VISION DRIVE Polarized XTR lenses absorb blue light fractions much more strongly than conventional sun protection lenses, through which the perception of colours is emphasised, contrasts are increased and glare protection is improved. The technology, which was developed together with specialists from motorsports, is for example integrated in Porsche Design Eyewear models P’8478R, P’8508U, P’8688A and P’8651F.

VISION DRIVE Photochromic
The innovation of the year 2020 supports the eyes in particular during changing light conditions. The self-tinting lenses, which adapt automatically to the respective ambient brightness and are activated by UV radiation, save you having to constantly put on and take off your sunglasses. The VISION DRIVE Photochromic technology is based on a chemical reaction of molecules that are activated by changing light. The sunglasses lenses, which have a basic tint of 50%, achieve a level of darkening of up to 85% in the shortest possible time, and the striking silver mirror coating on the front side of the lens makes them into a fashion accessory. Porsche Design Eyewear models P’8649F and P’8649C are available in a special edition with the VISION DRIVE innovation of the year 2020.

About Porsche Design
In 1963, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created the 911, one of the most significant design objects in contemporary history. With his vision of taking the principles and Porsche legend beyond the limits of the automobile, he founded the exclusive lifestyle brand, Porsche Design, in 1972. His philosophy and language of design live on today in all Porsche Design products. Each Porsche Design product stands for extraordinary precision and perfection at a high level of technological innovation and for a unique symbiosis of intelligent functions and a purist design. Designed by the Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See in Austria. Available worldwide in more than 130 Porsche Design Stores, in exclusive department stores, the retail market and online at

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