Artifical Intelligence (AI) and a new norm of lens calculation

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Rodenstock defines a new norm in lens calculation

Today, most lenses are manufactured using a standard vision test with just four standard prescription values as input for the lens calculation process. With no further input available, standard eye values from the reduced eye model are used. However, these values suit just 2% of eyes and this affects how precisely the lens can be tailored to the individual’s eyes.

The result: A new norm in progressive lens manufacturing

Rodenstock’s new AI technology makes it possible to include approximate biometric values when calculating lenses. This ensures a higher level of biometric precision when exact values from the DNEye® Scanner are not available. With this AI technology, we are creating a new norm within progressive lens manufacturing.

To learn more, watch the video below, visit us at 100% Optical in London or contact us.

A new norm in lens calculation in video

Watch Rodenstock's keynote on a new era of biometric precision in lens calculation to learn more.

Time for Biometric Precision


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