rocco by Rodenstock

The retro spectacles from Rodenstock

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The rocco by Rodenstock spectacle collection

The rocco by Rodenstock spectacle collection

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rocco: the retro spectacles from Rodenstock.

In the 1960s the Rodenstock model "rocco" was revealed for the first time – and then soon thereafter it could be seen all over the world and also on the faces of many famous people, e.g. Ronald Reagan. In the 1990s it disappeared from the face of the earth. But in 2014 rocco by Rodenstock returned to the fashion catwalk with its own collection. In a retro design, inspired by the rocco Original and made with ultramodern materials, these spectacles are perfect for trendsetters and fashion-conscious individuals. The yellow "rocco by Rodenstock" ring at the side tip is the typical distinctive mark of the design statement and gives every pair of spectacles a completely individual spot of colour.

Cool style in shape, colour and material.

The timeless shapes of the stylish frames combined with high-quality acetate plastic in different colours give their wearers a special casual and urban flair. Combined with lenses with graduated tints, coating or functions such as contrast enhancement and polarization, the sunglasses' frames skilfully highlight the character of their wearer.