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With the high-precision 3D eye measurement of the DNEye® Scanner from Rodenstock, we measure your eyes more precisely
than ever before. The measured biometric values are integrated into your lenses. In doing so, you receive the most individual and
perfect Rodenstock lenses and thus the sharpest vision of all time.

Available as single vision lenses and progressive lenses.

Sharp vision like never before.

The most innovative eyesight test of all time.


The new dimension of vision.

Since 1900, a general model of the human eye has been used for the measurement of the eye and the calculation of lenses.
Over time, technology and lenses have continously improved. But the so-called "Gullstrand Eye" as the standard calculation basis remained the same.
Now, Rodenstock has broken new ground to replace the "Gullstrand's Eye".
With the DNEye® PRO technology, the individual anatomy of the eye is measured. As one of the world's leading manufacturers, Rodenstock is also able to transmit the measured values to the lens.


Spectacles from Rodenstock. The Original.

Behind the scenes of our lens production.


Rodenstock optician in your vicinity.

Experience the most innovative eyesight test of all time at our Rodenstock partner opticians equipped with the DNEye® scanner.

*Study with independent opticians in cooperation with Rodenstock (Switzerland) AG (283 end consumers), May 2017 to January 2018. Corresponds to selection 1 + 2 on rating scale between 1–4 (1 = fully agree, 4 = not at all)

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