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01.10.2017 // Category: Trade Press

Progressive Lenses that Suit your Life

Rodenstock presents a new consulting approach according to the lifestyle concept

Munich, October 2017. The desire for products that are individually matched to consumers is becoming more and more pronounced these days. At the same time, viewing habits are changing as a consequence of digitalisation. More demands are being placed on the eyes, because the spectacles wearer has to change between two different vision zones. Rodenstock, Germany’s leading manufacturer of lenses and frames, will be presenting a new consulting approach in October based on the lifestyle concept: progressive lenses that meet the demands of the respective spectacles wearer.

Spectacles wearers have a great variety of requirements of their progressive lenses and want complete, free vision without compromise. They would like their progressive lenses to fit their lives, and not the other way round. With the new lifestyle concept from Rodenstock, the individual requirements of the spectacles wearer move into the foreground, which ensures maximum flexibility.

The Right Progressive Lens for Everyone
Thanks to Rodenstock's patented Eye Lens Technology, Impression FreeSign® 3 and Multigressiv® MyLife 2 progressive lenses are calculated on the basis of the latest physiological findings. The individual parameters are included as well with Impression FreeSign® 3. That way, spectacles wearers receive customised solutions matched to their personal lifestyles with which they can exploit 100% of their vision potential. They feel more relaxed, full of energy and capable – completely new freedom for natural vision!

Maximum Customer Satisfaction through Individual Consulting

With the new lifestyle concept from Rodenstock, the optician has the possibility to choose from three prefabricated design types Active, Allround and Expert or to offer an individual solution to the demanding customer with the Individual Design. Different sized visual zones are incorporated into the lens depending on the spectacles wearer’s activity, in order to be able to offer the best vision according to individual preferences for far vision, the intermediate range and near vision.
The Allround design is suitable for customers who want equally balanced visual zones for near, intermediate and far vision, and who are looking for a true all-round talent that meets the needs of any situation. The Active variant was matched specifically to the visual behaviour and requirements of active customers. This is a thrilling lens, especially for dynamic activities, due to extremely high image stability as well as large fields of view for far and intermediate viewing distances. Anyone who travels a great deal and also works at the same time will profit from ideal visual comfort and smooth vision at all distances as well as a large and clear intermediate range with the Expert variant. These three ordering options enable the optician to offer the Impression FreeSign® 3 and Multigressiv® MyLife 2 progressive lenses with a manageable amount of consulting and thereby increase customer satisfaction.
The Individual Design puts the individuality of the spectacles wearer into the foreground, because here the Impression FreeSign® 3 lenses are customised to the eyes and personal lifestyle of the spectacles wearer for particular visual requirements (e.g. for pilots or surgeons). Thanks to the patented Flexible Design Technology from Rodenstock, for the first time an almost endless number of lens designs can be made according to the requirements and desires of the spectacles wearer. With this, opticians, who see their key competence in the area of individual consulting, can offer their customers lenses for the highest demands.

Consulting Experience from Experts for the Best Vision
Rodenstock is making more than just an outstanding quality product available to the optician. With it, the company also supports the expertise of the retail channel and directs attention to the consulting service. Rodenstock makes two consulting tools available to support sales conversations. By using the Windows-based Consulting Module in Rodenstock Consulting, the expert can analyse his customer's lifestyle habits together with the customer based on imagery on the screen and determine the perfect progressive lens design for that customer from the results. Guided Consulting is also available as an iPad app under the name “guided consulting”.
The Virtual Consulting app for the iPad can be used in parallel to this module. With this app, the optician finds out quickly and easily which of the three predefined designs best meet the visual requirements of his customer. The consulting becomes a visual experience, because Virtual Consulting simulates the view through the Impression FreeSign® 3 and Multigressiv® MyLife 2 progressive lens in a way that is as true to nature as possible. In addition, the customer can then make a direct comparison to a conventional progressive lens.
The second generation of the Rodenstock EyeConsulting+ app provides optimum support for the refraction of the customer with special attention being paid to far and near refraction.

360 Degree End-User Campaign
On October 1st, Rodenstock will be starting an extensive 360 degree communication campaign with TV and online media spots, a radio feature, landing page at as well as extensive PR and social media activities. Attractive advertising material will increase customer frequency at the point of sale..

Individually Matched to the Right Frame
Rodenstock offers not only lenses that match the individual lifestyle of the spectacles wearer, but also an extensive selection of frames such as, for example, models R7065 and R7066 from the ultralight RXP high-tech plastic. The innovative heart of these surprisingly light and decorative frames is the proven titanium cylinder hinge from Rodenstock. It works without screws making it a maintenance-free hinge that forms a durable connection out of three simple parts. The ladies’ models are available in extremely beautiful and feminine trend colours such as nude or rosé.

About Rodenstock:
Rodenstock is Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and spectacles frames. The company, which was founded in 1877, is based in Munich and has a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,500 and is represented in more than 85 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. Rodenstock maintains production sites at 15 locations in 13 countries.
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