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The perfect spectacles for every sport.

Whether it is running in the rain, cycling through the forest, playing golf in the sun or hiking in the mountains – sports spectacles not only protect your eyes against the sun's rays, but also other things that can get in your eyes. In order to guarantee this protection, Rodenstock sports spectacles are the optimal combination of spectacle frame and lens, and enable the correction of even higher prescriptions. You always have perspective and a clear view – for greater safety, a better performance and more fun.

Spectacle frames for maximum performance: the ProAct® sports spectacles.

As a complete solution with lens and frame from a single source, the Pro Act® sports spectacles offer the best performance for your top performances. The Pro Act® Extra Curved frames are ideal for dioptre values from +4 to -5, the Pro Act® Basic Curved frames are perfect up to +/-8 dioptres. An annoying clip-in is thus no longer required. All Pro Act® spectacle frames have the following properties:

• Extremely lightweight and flexible frame thanks to manufacture from high-performance polyamide RXP®

• Sporty, dynamic design with good ventilation and protective properties

• Non-slip, adaptable side tips also available in red in limited edition

• Perfect sit on the nose thanks to comfortable, non-slip polyamide nose pads

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