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Perfection from Rodenstock.

The best of 140 years of engineering excellence and impressive spectacle design is manifested in the Rodenstock Masters Selection. The best quality collection of its kind combines precise German craftsmanship, first-class materials and a modern design. These spectacle frames made with great attention to detail and meticulously finished by hand set new standards.

The Rodenstock Masters Selection

The unique models of the Masters Selection combine state-of-the-art design, high-quality materials and high-precision German craftsmanship.

Gives the impression of a uniform piece.

The particularly high-quality titanium fronts with elaborate hand-riveted hinges in combination with acetate sides (for ladies) and titanium sides (for men) are largely manufactured by hand at one of the best titanium spectacle manufacturers in Japan. Combined with different colours, these masterpieces create a distinctive, trendy look.