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Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the 1970s: the Rodenstock "Kantsch".

In the 1970s when eight-thousand mountains were climbed one after the other, Rodenstock spectacles also passed the endurance test at the top of the world - the Himalayas. Sunglasses and glacier goggles were already part of the equipment of extreme mountaineers at the time: Some models from Rodenstock were on board in 1975 during the so-called Kantsch expedition. Inspired by the spectacles of the climbing legends at the time, the Kantsch models still also awaken a desire for adventure today.

High-quality and modern – back then as well as today.

Cool style for cool guys – just as much the case then as it is today for the sunglasses from the "Kantsch" collection. Casual pilot shapes meet fine, delicate sides.The frames are made completely from titanium. As one of the highest quality spectacle materials, the beta titanium used by Rodenstock makes extremely lightweight spectacles possible and is still robust – for maximum durability. Titanium is also very corrosion resistant and suitable for individuals who suffer from allergies.

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