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How to match your spectacle colour to your skin type

Typical! – Or not?

Choosing a pair of spectacles generally comes down to your own personal taste. However, with a few simple tricks the model can be perfectly adapted to your individual types. When choosing the colour it is important to be aware of your own skin type.

A distinction is generally made between:

These reference points help you to determine your skin types:

The first guide is the eye colour. If your eye colour is a clear blue shade or even grey-blue or green-blue, you are equivalent to the cold types. Amber-coloured to fawn brown eyes indicate the warm types. However, there are often exceptions when it comes to the eye colour. Therefore, pay attention to the following:

Experiment with the different colours. Dress in colours matching your type, look fresher and dark circles and blemishes and skin impurities are less conspicuous. This is because the colours of your clothes are reflected in your face by light irradiation. If the reflecting colours match your skin types, the appearance is more harmonious overall.

If you have determined your skin types, then try out spectacle models in the same colour group. You'll notice: If you harmonise the colour of the spectacles with the colour of your own skin tone, you create a harmonious first impression that lasts.

Author: Ramona Ostermair