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The right glasses

Square or rectangular face shape

Features of a square face:
  • angular, striking proportions
  • broad forehead and well-defined chin
  • very straight sides

Our recommendation:
A round or oval frame goes perfectly with your angular face shape, e.g. trendy glasses from the 60s with round lenses. If you are looking for sunglasses, then reach for pilot glasses. The drop shape, as well as all other round or curved lens shapes, tends to flatter angular faces. In addition, rimless glasses with „soft“ lens shapes are also suitable.

The right glasses

Round face shape

Features of a round face:
  • broad, full cheek area
  • uniform, filled-out outer contour
  • rather short in proportion to its width

Our recommendation:
Angular frames make round faces appear narrower and more striking, and seem to elongate them. Rimless, discrete frames or half-rim glasses skilfully emphasise the area around the eyes and provide a harmonious image. Even glasses that become narrower towards the bottom can be combined well with your face shape. On the other hand, avoid circular lenses and thick frames.

The right glasses

Heart-shaped, narrow face shape

Features of a heart-shaped face:
  • broad forehead area
  • narrow chin that comes to a point
  • high cheekbones

Our recommendation:
Congratulations, almost any glasses shape suits you! Angular as well as oval and round shapes fit in well with your heart-shaped face. Rimless glasses or such with delicate frame edges ensure a harmonious appearance. Make sure that the sides are not attached to the glasses in the middle and tend to be thin.

The right glasses

Oval face shape

Features of an oval face:
  • balanced, soft outer contour
  • gently rounded chin
  • broadest place is a the level of the cheekbones

Our recommendation:
Oval faces are perfect glasses faces. Generally, almost everything suits you! You can create highlights with extreme shapes. For more dominance in the face, choose a dark, angular model. Round shapes make your face softer and cause feminine faces to look more feminine. By the way, you can also reach for extraordinary models for sunglasses. Try experimenting – anything that pleases you is ok!

The right glasses

The face shape of a child

Our recommendation:
Generally, the same rules that apply to adults apply to the fit of children's glasses. In addition, make sure that the glasses are light and robust enough for romping around wildly. Good children's glasses have flexible sides and can be easily adjusted by the optician so that they sit firmly and comfortably on the nose as well as behind the ears. Important: Let your child make the choice when you go shopping, because the cooler the glasses, the more happy he will be to wear them.

These glasses suit your child:

More than taste decides

Naturally only your own taste decides in general when it comes to your new eyewear. However, it is similar to buying clothes. There are eyewear shapes that flatter one person, but don't really suit another. Wide frames make an angular face wider, and circular lenses make a round face fuller. And that is contrary to our sense of the "right" proportions. Therefore, add "face shape" to the selection criteria when you are choosing new eyewear.

How to determine your face shape

It's easy. Stand in front of a mirror and pull your hair away from your face. Now you can compare the contours of your face to our illustrations.

Our tips:

  • If you aren't sure, you can trace the contours of your face on the mirror with a water-soluble pen.
  • Be honest with yourself when you are deciding. If you know your face shape, then you can achieve the optimum effect with the right eyewear.
  • This information won't only help you to choose correction glasses; it is also very helpful for choosing your new sunglasses.

Anything you like is permitted!

When choosing the right glasses for your face shape, it is very important for you to like the frame yourself! If you have that "Wow" feeling with a model, that doesn't suit you according to our type consulting, then follow your gut feeling and go for it! Ultimately, the most important thing is for you to like how you look with your new Rodenstock eyewear.