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Which spectacles suit me?

You generally choose a new pair of spectacles based on your own individual taste. But just like buying clothes, there are also styles and shapes of spectacles that flatter one individual but do not suit another person.

Determine your face shape and find out which spectacles suit you best.

Do you have an angular, oval, heart-shaped or round face? These stereotypical shapes should help you to be better able to categorise your face shape.
  1. Stand in front of a mirror and take the hair away from your face in order to be able to clearly detect your contours. Hold your head upright and look directly in front.

    Examine your face length exactly from the hairline to the nose as far as the point of the chin. Which shape best describes your face?

    To help determine the shape of your face divide your face into three areas, as well as in the graphic: From the hairline to the eyebrows, from the brow to the tip of the nose and from the nasal tip to the edge of the chin.

Super! You have now determined your face shape. If you cannot assign your face shape to any of the shapes exactly: no problem! Many people have a mixed shape. In this case please refer to the recommendations and tips for your possible face shapes and choose the style of spectacles you like best.

Rodenstock style advice

In the coming weeks we will help you to find the right sunglasses for your face shape. We are reviewing the different face shapes with help from style expert Elisabeth Motsch and Product Manager Stefan Kutschereuter. Stay tuned!