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CNXT - one platform that connects it all.

More and more ECPs are using a wide variety of measuring systems in customer consultation to provide their customers with the ideal advice. In order to streamline the consultation workflow, optimum networking of the devices is necessary. By synchronizing the measurement and customer data, you benefit in particular from time savings, reduction of typing errors and availability of your measurement data on all devices, PCs and/or tablets.

Thanks to CNXT, all your Rodenstock measuring devices (DNEye® Scanner 2 / 2+, ImpressionIST® 4, Rodenstock Fundus Scanner) as well as your software (management software, Rodenstock Consulting or WinFit Reference®) are interacting with each other. Measurement data is transferred automatically in real time. The customer data relevant for analysis, evaluation and lens consulting are immediately synchronized on all devices and thus available at any time. The highest security standards such as absolute data security and the data availability even in the event of an interruption of the Internet connection are certainly guaranteed at all times.

Streamline your daily workflow - gain more time for your customers.

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  • CNXT is a platform for smart data handling.
    CNXT is a platform, which synchronizes Rodenstock devices and computers via an online based service and speeds up processes at the POS.
    CNXT is a platform that connects the DNEye® Scanner 2 / 2+, the ImpressionIST® 4, the Rodenstock Fundus Scanner and ordering software in your shop. CNXT collects all relevant customer and measurement data and immediately synchronizes them in real time on all devices (PC and/or Tablet).
    The CNXT platform streamlines and accelerates the optician's consultation and sales process by reducing or eliminating administrative and manual tasks.
    The CNXT platform forms the basis for all further Rodenstock innovations.

  • The CNXT platform optimizes and streamlines your consultation workflow.
    • Administrative processes are streamlined and accelerated through smart data exchange of measurement and customer data.
    • Up to 60 % less clicks. Up to 80 % time saving. 100 % automatic data exchange.
    • 100 % data availability, at all times on all devices in your shop.
    • Automatic data synchronization, automatic data backup and updates.
    • Data security according to GDPR.
    • Intuitive user interface.
    • Full concentration on the consultation.
    • More time for the customer consultation.

  • Information about CNXT and all steps for the purchasing process will soon be available in Rodenstock.NET.
    Or contact your local Rodenstock sales representative.

  • CNXT provides smart data transfer for Rodenstock devices (Rodenstock Fundus Scanner, DNEye® Scanner 2 / 2+, ImpressionIST® 4).
    It connects to Rodenstock Applications (Rodenstock Consulting, WinFit Reference®).
    The CNXT-App runs on Windows, iPads and Android-Tablets.
    The ECP (Eye Care Professional) is assisted by CNXT at gathering all necessary data during a sales session.
    The CNXT Server is always available and continuously backed up.
    All data which is collected by CNXT is stored safely and encrypted on German servers.

  • New hardware is only necessary if no suitable PC is available for this task.
    CNXT requires a Windows 10 PC that manages the connection to the CNXT server and is switched on during the shop's hours of operation.

    For the use of a full featured CNXT an internet connection is needed. We recommend an internet connection with at least 10MBit/s data transfer rate.
    In case of an interrupted internet connection, CNXT will still provide basic locally data transfer between the devices and applications.

    CNXT runs on these operating systems:
    • From Windows 10
    • From iOS 10.0
    • Android from Version 8.1(Oreo)

    Smartphone use is not supported.

  • CNXT provides an interface, which can be used by software houses to exchange data with CNXT. Please ask your provider, if it is already connected to CNXT.

  • Is CNXT data protection compliant?
    Yes. Our top priority is to provide all data processing with a focus on security, protection and availability.
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, which raises and harmonizes the standards for data protection, security and compliance with its strict requirements, fulfills the CNXT platform.

    Where are customer and measurement data stored?

    1. CNXT data - the sum of all measurement results combined with additional data (e.g. subjective refraction) is stored on provided servers, located at SpaceNet AG in Munich.
    2. As usual, the full data of your measuring devices and applications are still stored locally on their databases.

    Why is the data stored at SpaceNet and not locally?
    CNXT is a state-of-the-art software. To get all the advantages of it and provide the best service to our customers, the platform is operated online.
    Advantages for the ECP (Eye Care Professional):
    • No additional hardware required
    • Automatic data updates
    • Automatic data backup through a highly available database at SpaceNet AG. As usual, the full data of your measuring devices and applications are still stored locally on their databases.
    • Data availability from different shops

    Who is SpaceNet AG?
    SpaceNet AG is an owner-managed stock company with approx. 125 employees. For 25 years it has been successfully operating internationally as an Internet provider for well-known business customers. The SpaceNet headquarters as well as the three state-of-the-art data centers are located in Munich (Bavaria / Germany). SpaceNet AG, as an independent full-service Internet provider, offers professional online solutions.
    The focus is thereby in particular on:
    • strict compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • secure IT solutions
    • individual counselling
    • technical expertise

    How is the data secured at SpaceNet AG?

    The data is backed up in encrypted form on hardware specially selected for CNXT at SpaceNet AG's Munich data center.
    SpaceNet AG is certified according to ISO 27001, ensuring state-of-the-art quality assurance measures and compliance with international standards.
    SpaceNet AG is a long-standing provider of online solutions and brings a lot of experience in data security to CNXT.

    What must the ECP (Eye Care Professional) observe when using CNXT with regard to data protection in his own company?
    There are no additional efforts for the use of CNXT. The CNXT platform fulfills the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The ECP even benefit from the automated data exchange of their CNXT communicating devices.

    Is data transfer between the opticians´ shop and the SpaceNet server protected?
    Yes. CNXT has an integrated security concept, from the connected systems to the CNXT servers.

    Is the connection and data transfer between CNXT and software house (management software) secure?
    Yes. CNXT has an integrated security concept, from the connected systems to the CNXT servers.

    Are 100 % of the measured values from DNEye® Scanner 2 / 2+, Rodenstock Fundus Scanner, ImpressionIST® 4 stored in CNXT?
    CNXT stores final measurement results. This is necessary for ordering (lens orders, telemedical analysis) and some data is useful for visualizing measurement results - e.g. ImpressionIST® 4 stores the individual parameters, centration and shape data, as well as reduced-resolution images in CNXT.
    The position of selected elements for an ImpressionIST® 4 measurement is not stored in CNXT.
    The measuring devices store all data locally as ever before.

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