Visions of Beauty

with Patrick Langwallner

Capturing the perfect moment

Rodenstock spectacles are made to enable perfect moments of vision for their wearers. Photography is all about making these perfect moments last.

For this reason we engaged Patrick Langwallner, a photographer from Salzburg, to create the series ""Visions of Beauty"". The recurring themes are the fours elements earth, water, wind and fire - which were used for the original production of lenses.

All photos are displayed on this website. In addition, the photos can be sent as postcards via MyPostcard.

Of course, we also took the chance to ask Patrick a few questions about his background and profession.

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First of all, tell us something about yourself and how you became a photographer?

Capturing moments does not only delight me in photography but also in my personal life. I am a passionate story-teller, be it by words or through photography. I came into phtotography by my best friend about ten years ago. His father used to be a keen photographer and passed the passion on to his son. We started to potter about and experimented with a lot of things. Only through trying it out, does the interaction between light, the subject and the camera becomes clear.
I studied business with a focus on marketing and during my studies I caught the creative virus. I combine my academic knowledge with photography in my advertising agency and have the opportunity to create the strategic concept as well as to realise the project, which is simply amazing.

Indepent of photography, what makes a perfect moment for you?

The perfect moment is hard to describe, but when it is there you just know that it is one. It is a combination of visual and audible emotion - to put it simply, the conscious here and now. For me, perfect moments are those, in which I only live and feel the moment without thinking about the past or the future.

Are photographs also snapshots? What type of motifs do you look for?

I consider a photo as a part of a moment. Taking a picture only takes a split second and it helps a person to call the moment back to mind. With my photography, my goal is to give people a window or a starting point to this moment so they can play it back in their memory.
I take care of rendering the moment as pure as it was, as honest as possible. When I take a photo I am very aware of the people in it, because I watch them in an incredibly high resolution on my screen. I often recognise special features of people only when I photograph them, a dimple, a laugh and mostly the language of their eyes – here you can see the personality best. If I take pictures only for myself or depict a landscape, then I want to showcase the incredible beauty of nature – the personality of nature so to say.

In your series "Visions of Beauty" you are playing with the elements earth, fire, wind and water. How do they appeal to you?

Nature allows us to perceive these four elements in so many different ways. Water can be a lake, a raindrop, ice or clouds. Fire creates light and only light makes things visible and therefore photography possible. I photograph under the alias "because of light" because everything I do depends upon light. Whether it is a portrait, a sunset or a long exposure of the Milky Way – light is everywhere.

If you had the chance to take a picture of anyone and anything in this world, what or who would you like to get in front of your lens, and why?

Obviously, my wish list is very long. Concerning places, I definitely want to go to Iceland one day – this island shows such diverse vegetation, and at the right time even the northern lights. I also want to go to California someday. The light is very special there and also different from ours.
Concerning people, the wish list is nearly endless, but the special thing about people is that everyone has his or her own story and I can tell it with my pictures. One photographer I admire a lot is Platon. The native Greek probably had the most famous of the famous in front of his analog camera – I would love to take a portrait of him.
As a photographer my ultimate goal is to show a person as they are and thereby I involve a big part of my own personality in the photo, too – it is truly amazing.

An eye for perfection

Discover perfect moments of the elements earth, wind, fire and water through the eyes of Patrick Langwallner.

All photographs are also available as postcard templates.

Send "Visions of Beauty" as a postcard