140 years expertise in one unique retro collection

We do not know if Josef Rodenstock worked infinitely long on his first design. But we do know that he created the symbol of eternity by linking the two circles to a timeless pair of glasses. Its strength resides in the circle as the perfect shape. The circle is whole and each point has the same distance to its center: the eye. With the round Retro Classic we have revived this idea of perfect timelessness. And by handmade manufacturing with original rivet hinges and modern materials we have come full circle with Josef Rodenstock.

Rodenstock Retro Classic

The models are available in three shapes and four colors each.


Retro Look – Modern technology

Sure you have that one favorite piece in your closet that is timeless and beautiful and never goes out of style – a true “classic”. Our new Retro Classic models are such classics. They embody 140 years of Rodenstock expertise in spectacles design and are timeless and elegant at the same time. The look is retro, the technology state of the art – spectacles made for eternity.

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Timeless beauty – then and now

It many small details that make the Retro Classics so special. Handmade acetate and ultralight precious titanium make-up the sophisticated mix of materials. The tear-shaped temple is a Rodenstock design element from the 1920s. Original rivet hinges complete the retro look.

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