Porsche Design Celebrates 40 Years of Engineered Luxury

Exclusive "40Y" Special Edition for the 40 Year Anniversary

Porsche Design Celebrates 40 Years of Engineered Luxury
Porsche Design P'8478 Y
Trends come and go, but Porsche Design remains. Porsche Design has inspired for 40 years with engineered luxury. Numerous products of the luxury brand have advanced into true classics over the past four decades, and are still famous in the entire world today. Take the world's first sunglasses with replaceable lenses, for example, i.e. the P'8478. For the anniversary, Porsche Design Eyewear is presenting the legendary P'8478 in the limited special edition "40Y". For all enthusiasts of Porsche Design Eyewear, the luxury brand is also presenting two exquisite anniversary collector's boxes with other exclusive items for devotees.

Iconic Style Since 1972

40 years ago, the company founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche devel-oped the legendary Chronograph I, the world's first black watch. The second product from Porsche Design followed in 1978: the so-called "Exclusive Spectacles" or also the P'8478. The perfect design has remained unchanged since then. Only the choice of material was adjusted to today's level of technology with ultralight titanium. Porsche Design is issuing the P'8478 pilot spectacles in an exclusive special edition for the 40 year anniversary of the brand. They are made of sandblasted titanium in matt silver-grey combined with brown, silver-mirrored, progressive tint lenses, which emphasize the typical look of the seventies in a way that is true to its style. A 40Y laser emblem – for 40 Years – on the bridge and the inner side of the right side make the special model unmistakable. The number of P'8478 sunglasses is limited to 10,000, and they are available in the four sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Classic for Collectors

There is also the "40Y of Innovation" collector's box for Porsche Design fans for the anniversary. The box, which is limited to 1972 specimens as a reference to the year the brand was founded, contains the P'8480 Y, P'8418 Y and P'8494 Y sunglasses in addition to the P'8478. They are all classics of the Porsche Design Eyewear col-lection, which have been reissued for the brand's birthday, and are available exclu-sively in this format in the exquisite "40Y of Innovation" box. Another anniversary edition is the "40Y of Iconic Products" box. It contains two very special icons of Por-sche Design: the world's first black wristwatch from 1972, the so-called Chrono-graph I from the "Iconic Style" collection in exclusive, matt silver-grey, as well as the world's first sunglasses with replaceable lenses, the P'8478 in the special 40Y de-sign. The logo on the sides and the inner sides pick up on the shade of red of the second hand of the Chronograph I paying homage to the history of the luxury brand. The number of collector's boxes is limited to 911.
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