Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edition

Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edition
Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edition: Test the benefits!
One special feature of the collection is the Drivers Edition. It includes sunglasses from the different product lines, which can also be provided with Rodenstock SunContrast or polarised lenses. The sun protection lenses provide UV and glare protection in any situation, and they do so with the individual prescriptions without any limitations. This is not only an optical gain for car drivers, but a decisive plus in the area of safety.

Rodenstock SunContrast

Rodenstock SunContrast sun protection lenses ensure a high-contrast visual experience in glaring or diffuse light. This is because in road traffic and sport and recreational activities under an open sky in particular, precision vision and the perception of important details make the difference.
Light situations can change very quickly on the road. This places a very heavy burden on the eyes and the consequence may be fatigue, headache and loss of concentration. It is good when you are wearing the right sun protection lenses: Rodenstock SunContrast. These special lenses are optimally matched to light conditions in the car - and naturally also protect your eyes against glare and UV radiation outside the car.

Rodenstock Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses in sunglasses have the major advantage that they filter out the oblique incident reflections of the sunlight and that way clearly minimise bothersome light reflections or shimmering sunlight.

In addition, polarised lenses reduce the reflections from smooth surfaces like, for example, wet road surfaces or reflections from the windscreen. That way your eyes remain relaxed longer and become tired much slower, which is a decisive factor when driving a car, because relaxed vision quite simply means greater safety.

Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edtion Demonstration Tool

Rodenstock has developed a demonstration tool to explain the benefits of Rodenstock SunContrast and polarized lenses. On the basis of various driving situations and landscapes and with the help of a split screen the viewer can compare the different lenses.
Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edition

Mercedes-Benz Drivers Edition

Test the benefits of Rodenstock SunContrast and Rodenstock polarised lenses!
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