Impression® Mono Plus 2 – The lens for a fresh look.

Test the benefits of Impression® Mono Plus 2!

Test the benefits of Impression® Mono Plus 2!

What does Impression® Mono Plus 2 do? How exactly will my field of view be improved? Take a look at the animation and see the improved visual experience for yourself in just a few seconds.

Balsam for stressed eyes

Our eyes give us top performance every day. Whether reading, driving a car, or operating computers and Smartphones, your eyes have to adjust to changing viewing distances more than 30,000 times each day.

Now, your eyes can relax with the newly developed Impression® Mono Plus 2 lenses. Thanks to a slight reading boost of 0.5 dioptres in the lower area of the lens, seeing is less fatiguing and your vision remains fresh and attractive longer.

Impression® Mono Plus 2 from Rodenstock gives your eyes:

relaxed vision even when you shift your focus frequently
absolutely clear vision for a brilliant vision experience
more energy and freshness all day long
glare-free vision for screens and displays thanks to Solitaire® antireflection coating
brand quality from Rodenstock - recognisable by the visible R signature
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