Rodenstock visits "Morning Talk"

Morning Talk has been on air in Thailand for 17 years and is still doing a great job after being the only free English language TV Talk Show from the very outset, entertaining viewers both in Thailand and in 177 other countries through the Thai Global Network (TGN).

Morning Talk covers pretty much every business sector, tracking down all the talk of the town with news, general information, consumer items, health issues, export markets, foreign affairs, education, tourism, entertainment, as well as important issues that affect both the country itself and the Thai public as a whole. The programme is design to allow audiences to keep pace with our fast-moving world and stay up to date with all the latest details.

Audiences in Thailand range from academics, decision-makers, business leaders, politicians, highly respected and prominent families in Thailand, university students, business/office workers and middle-class families. The programme also reaches a large number of expatriates living and working in Thailand.

The English language Morning Talk TV talk show is hosted by five presenters from various field s, led by Dr Valerie McKenzie, who is the anchor and lead presenter of the programme. RTHS had a great opportunity to be interviewed by her. Her enthusiasm about our brands led to many questions about our expansion plans.
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