iPad App: Rodenstock Lens Consulting

The world's first spectacle lens consultation on the iPad

The app provides an illustrative demonstration of the differences and benefits of different Rodenstock products - from the conventional to the individual and from single-vision to progressive lenses. The app offers two different areas with a total of 5 modules: Without registration: Express Consulting, Professional Guide, Rodenstock website and the area "About us". For registered users: Professional Consulting.

Express Consulting

Two progressive lenses of different categories can be compared with one another fast and simply. The optical differences in performance of the lenses are thus made clear. Detailed information on the products accompanies the illustrations.

Professional Consulting

Thanks to the clear design of the module, different single-vision or progressive lenses can be compared with one another simply and impressively and their differences are thus made clear. Rodenstock Professional Consulting is an ideal assistant for the optician's consultation. The individual parameters for the lens selection such as pupillary distance, corneal vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and face form angle can be set for an impressive consultation.

Both consulting modules include a 3D animation to help the optician demonstrate the individual parameters to the customer in an understandable manner.Professional Guide is a film providing a brief overview of the options available in the Professional Consulting module.

The Rodenstock Website is available for further information on the Rodenstock company and its products and for a direct link to the company. The area "About us" summarises the most important aspects of Rodenstock in a corporate film. The available languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

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