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Red carpet for customers

Rodenstock Concept Shops were launched two years ago and have been a singular success – a success which continues apace. A second optician in Croatia has now opened a Rodenstock Concept Shop. The grand opening event was attended by several dozen invited guests and the local television station which reported in detail on the new attraction in the picturesque baroque city in the form of interviews and news. The programme focused on the opening of the shop and was rounded off by a training course at the Rodenstock Academy in "Selling high value spectacles" by well-known Rodenstock trainer Birgt Schott who gave her presentation to the 50 most successful opticians in the country.

Product is the hero
The newly designed shop in Varazdin near Zagreb has a very central location in the pedestrian zone in the historic town and, like all Rodenstock Concept Shops, provides an extremely inviting focal point for a relaxed shopping experience. The spectacles are clearly displayed in glass cabinets at eye level whilst sliding elements and mirrors create a feeling of curiosity and encourage people to try on the products. Customers feel that they are in control whether they are sitting at one of the central advice tables or drinking an espresso at the bar, and it is this feeling that makes them want to buy a new pair of spectacles.

Timeless beauty, high quality and flexibility
The design and materials used in the Concept Shop stand for timeless style, value and quality whilst the modular construction means that it can be tailored perfectly to suit the space available, in this case a relatively compact floor area in a town dominated by memorials of ancient times. It also accommodates specialist advice systems such as the Rodenstock ImpressionIST® Avantgarde, and technical equipment and up to date topical displays. This means that the new Concept Shop in Varazdin provides an exclusive, attractive presentation of the Rodenstock World and offers a perfect backdrop for the optical expertise of the staff, for providing advice and service and for integration of other high quality brands such as Porsche Design, Baldessarini and Alfred Dunhill.

Seven more openings this year
The success of Rodenstock Concept Shops is not a matter of chance – opticians who have redesigned their businesses in the style of this innovative shop concept have recorded noticeable increases in turnover in a very short period of time. With this in mind Rodenstock intends to continue to expand on its network of Concept Shops. By the end of the year there are plans for at least a further seven shops in Germany and elsewhere, including four new openings in Germany (Berlin, Königswinter, Bad Honnef and Großpösna near Leipzig) and three more shops in Sweden, Norway and Great Britain. This will mean that there are Concept Shops in ten countries around Europe and the Middle East.

Opticians who are interested in the Concept Shop can contact their local Rodenstock partner.

For further information go to www.rodenstock.com.

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