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Near range without EyeLT
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40% better vision in the near range with Personal EyeModel
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Rodenstock: Always One Step Ahead

With Eye Lens Technology, or EyeLT® for short, Rodenstock revolutionised the individual progressive lens. Rodenstock is now taking the next step with the Personal EyeModel. It is an option that integrates the individually measured near refraction given in the order. Thanks to taking the near refraction values into consideration, someone who has astigmatism and wears progressive lenses can get the best possible near vision ranges that are up to 40% larger and hence perfect correction for far and near vision for the first time.

As Individual as the Spectacles Wearer Himself
The Personal EyeModel gives the optician the possibility to very easily customise progressive lenses for his customers by determining the individual near refraction data, sphere, cylinder and cylinder axis. Together with the classical refraction data, the individual parameters, the design data for Impression FreeSign® and the centration data, this data is fed directly into the calculation and manufacturing of the Rodenstock Impression® lenses thereby making them into the best possible lens for the customer. The clearer the difference is between the values for the distance refraction and those for the near refraction, the greater the effect is on the visual areas in the near range. Here, the performance in near vision can be increased by up to 40%.

Benefits for Everyone
The benefits for the optician are obvious. The perfectly corrected values for near and far vision ensure maximum and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The additional value creation from the near refraction for a surcharge creates attractive profit possibilities in the large target group of people who wear progressive and near comfort lenses. High-quality lenses can be sold more easily thanks to the convincing arguments. At the same time, the core competence of the optician – i.e. the subjective refraction – is reinforced. He can differentiate himself effectively from the competition as an expert positioned in the field of near refraction. Rodenstock supports opticians in this with extensive information and training products as well as with attractive advertising materials.

To the customer, the Personal EyeModel means considerably increased performance in near vision with Impression® progressive and near comfort lenses. It also means noticeably better vision in the near and intermediate range thanks to individual lenses that have not been achievable until now. Maximum comfort and the best compatibility make the vision experience perfect.

Easy to Become a Near Refraction Expert
With additional tests in near vision testing, it is possible to give optimum care to those who wear progressive spectacles. In order to become trained in the subject matter of individual near refraction or to brush up existing know-how in a practical way, Rodenstock now offers all interested opticians a new seminar called "Better near correction – near vision testing in theory and practice" with the well-known experts Dr. Degle or alternatively Fritz Passmann. In the seminar, the speakers show how near vision disorders that are possibly unexplained can be resolved – for even more satisfied customers. Participants include all opticians, master opticians, university graduates in ophthalmic optics as well as orthoptists and ophthalmologists who already have practical experience in the determination of refraction and basic experience in binocular testing.

Making the Impossible Possible
With Eye Lens Technology and the Personal EyeModel, the pioneer of individual lenses has now managed to do something that was considered to be technically impossible: to integrate two different cylindrical refraction values for far and near vision in one individual progressive lens. With it, Rodenstock has once again substantiated its role as the innovation leader. The future of the next generation of individual progressive lenses has started with the Personal EyeModel.

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