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Quality Is Now Written With "R"

With Rodenstock, spectacle wearers can now also show their brand of lenses and thereby give a clear sign – thanks to a discretely applied "R" on the front of the right lens. The making of the Rodenstock "R" is unique. Its positioning on the lens is aesthetically perfect and harmonious. The spectacle wearer himself does not see the signature, but it is still clearly discernible to the person opposite him. The market launch for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is March 2011.

Perfect Positioning
A laser device that is one of a kind in the world is behind the visible brand mark. It was developed especially for the Munich ophthalmic optics company. Only with this innovative laser technology is it possible to create the brand mark in the usual high Rodenstock quality. The "R" is not visible to the spectacle wearer, but to the person standing opposite, it is discernible immediately in a clear but unimposing way. Rodenstock includes the form data when positioning the brand mark and even sets the signature by hand so that it slips into the appearance of the overall spectacles as harmoniously as possible.
Starting in spring 2011, the visible brand mark can also be ordered with the WinFit® Reference ordering software. Form data has been stored and the position of the "R" already set for complete spectacles and grinding orders from the current Rodenstock collections. By using form data recorded by the optician himself, it is possible to define the placement within a defined corridor. WinFit® Reference visualises the different positions so that a perfect result is guaranteed here as well.

Show Quality. Sell High-Quality.
According to a market research study, the brand is synonymous with quality for two-thirds of all Germans . To them, the "R" as a visible brand mark quite simply means a visible attest of quality freely following the motto of “Rodenstock. Only genuine with the R signature." To opticians, it is a helpful and convincing sales argument for the high-quality brand lenses from Rodenstock.
The "R" can be ordered on all Rodenstock brand lenses made of plastic with the Solitaire® product family finishes. Here, all types of orders – complete spectacles, grinding and edging orders as well as non-edged lenses – can be serviced.

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