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Opticians Focus on Consultation Terminal

The core competence of an optician is good, professional advice. More and more specialised businesses are relying on the innovative consultation terminal ImpressionIST® Avantgarde from Rodenstock. The terminal makes it possible for the optician to fully develop his expertise and at the same time give the spectacles buyer competent and individual advice.

A True Bestseller
"In 2010 we were more than 15 percent over plan in sales of our consultation terminal," says Rupert Loibl, General Manager Sales Germany at Rodenstock. "With this success story, we once again emphasise our leading market position in know-how and customer orientation."

ImpressionIST® Avantgarde has a tried and proven 3D video centring system with extensive consultation functions, the highest level of operating comfort as well as perfect photographs thanks to flash lighting. Precision determination of the individual parameters with only a single photograph and the use of a stereo camera system are unique worldwide. In contrast to products of other manufacturers, no measurement attachment is required.

More Time for the Consultation
For greater visual impairments, the individual parameters, centring, and frame data are measured perfectly monocularly using an integrated fixation target, and afterwards they are combined into the result. Fast determination of the exact measurement position by means of a distance light and the improved automatic pre-selection of the measurement point help the optician to make an exact evaluation and facilitate a reduction of the time needed for the measurement and operating procedure on the terminal. The time saved that way is ultimately to the benefit of the consultation.
The system is suitable for multiple PC workstations. After taking the photograph on the service terminal, the end customer and optician can leisurely withdraw to the consultation desk with the PC. That way, the terminal is immediately available to other customers and the optician can provide consultation in a relaxed atmosphere without any time pressure.

In addition, the terminal supports technical lens consulting with the help of the convenient and comprehensive consulting software called Impression® Consulting. The system remains up-to-date by means of automatic software updates over the Internet.

Virtual Antireflection Coating by a Mouse Click
The program vividly shows the characteristic features of different individual progressive, near, sport and single vision lenses. Thanks to advice on the frame, colour, and finishing, the customer can immediately see how he looks in the different models of spectacles, the colour variations and shapes. Even lens colours and antireflection coatings can be simulated easily with the click of a mouse, and there is a virtual display of freely designed lens shapes in a rimless frame, which saves the optician the sample glazing step and hence the associated costs.

"Consulting with ImpressionIST® Avantgarde makes it easier for the optician to sell higher-quality and more consulting-intensive products," says Rupert Loibl as he summarises the benefits of the system.

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