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Bordering on the Impossible

Rodenstock stands for unique consulting and service quality that guarantee optimum product solutions even for highly specific requirements. The most unusual customer requirements are accepted by Rodenstock Manufaktur and executed in the finest manual work – where even high-tech machines reach their limits.

The Finest Manual Work for the Greatest Precision
Rodenstock, with many decades of experience in manufacturing special lenses, can offer individual solutions for very special visual requirements with Rodenstock Manufaktur. A special Manufaktur Team is available for consultation as of 2010. It consists of several product supporters and a calculation office that calculates the special designs individually and prepares the order for the specialists for production. Personnel with the respective experience ensure that the customer’s requests are fulfilled exactly, and that every product provides the best possible solution for the special case.

Anton Riedel, who has worked in Ardis/Excellent special designs for 32 years, summarises the unique offer as follows: “Every lens that leaves Rodenstock Manufaktur is a special design. Machines that we developed ourselves support us here to fulfil the highly specific and constantly new customer requests. We use pure manual work to do anything that the precision of the machines cannot accomplish in isolated cases. Here, the important thing is experience and very skilled know-how.”

Happy End Customers
The requirements of the customers are very diverse. Among other things, Rodenstock Manufaktur offers lenses for a variety of medical purposes, for example for children with accommodative strabismus, or single vision lenses for extremely short- or longsighted persons. For example, it was possible to help a 19 year-old end customer in France who was only able to continue seeing with the help of a special design from Rodenstock until the transplant of a suitable eye lens. The answers from Rodenstock Manufaktur are as individual as the medical findings of the individuals.

Furthermore, occupational groups with special requirements in the near vision range like surgeons, craftsmen or pilots, find special designs with which the near portions can be positioned individually – for example at the top in the lens. In addition, special lens inserts can be manufactured for diving goggles as well as lenses for optical collector’s items like lorgnettes, monocles and pince-nez.

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