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Focus on innovative high tech solutions

Porsche Design is once again setting the trends with its spectacles collection for spring/summer 2010. These brand new models feature a purist design, innovative high tech solutions, high quality materials and superb workmanship down to the very last detail. Modern, technically inspired new interpretations of classic retro styles underline the unmistakable character for wearers of spectacles who demand that little bit more.

The filigree "Fine Art" correction spectacles are made of a single piece of ultra light-weight titanium which extend to the side bars and cut to minimal edge thicknesses. The P’8186 model is a special highlight since it revives the classic panto form with modern materials in a high tech look. Side pieces without ends round off this time-less look with flexi zones ensuring excellent wearer comfort. Model P’8187 is also cut from titanium and has a technical yet filigree look. Both pairs of spectacles are available in various colours such as grey, dark blue and black. Models P’8189 and P’8188 create a brand new look. They are made of titanium wire with a round cross-section specially developed for Porsche Design. The semi-circular frames are pro-duced in Italy and are ideal for sporty spectacle wearers who want an unmistakable design.

The Porsche Design philosophy also provides the basis for the sunglasses model P’8495. On this model the front, sides and bars flow into each other in curved lines and create exciting light and shade effects. These spectacles are made of beta-titanium, a material which is very popular for space travel and is therefore extremely lightweight and flexible to provide maximum comfort for wearers. A screw inserted from underneath into the edge of the spectacles is an innovative and perfectly cre-ated detail which makes the hinge block superfluous and gives the silhouette a very dynamic look.

Porsche Design focuses on its classic success factors with its fourth ladies sun-glasses, model P’8518, which feature some intelligent details. The shield frame with a stainless steel edge which is concealed apart from a decorative top bar features absolutely no screws which means that the sunglasses can be worn comfortably in hair. Exciting colour combinations such as gold with beige or light gun with red make the sunglasses a real eye-catcher in summer.

The collection is rounded off with two unisex sunglasses models. Model P’8508 is a must-have for fans of the classic aviator look. It features a double bar in a typical gold and green combination with polarising lenses. Model P’8513 is ideal for active sportsmen - both during training and afterwards. High tech plastic in the central section, side pieces made of beta-titanium and adjustable nose pads ensure maximum functionality whilst the sporty form will make both ladies and men look good whatever the situation.

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