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Brand Quality for an Entry-Level Price

You can look forward to a new member of the successful Solitaire® family: Solitaire® Eco, on the market since July and well on the way to becoming a real sales hit. Solitaire® Eco combines the well-known brand quality of Rodenstock with outstanding cost-effectiveness. Five years after the launch of Solitaire TopCoat®, Rodenstock is now making it possible for price-conscious customers to also enter the world of high-quality lens finishing.

Clear vision in any situation
Solitaire® Eco increases the quality of each individual ophthalmic lens in three ways: The finishing prevents bothersome light reflections, above all the unpleasant reflections that can be perilous when driving at night. Simultaneously, the lenses are less susceptible to scratches so that they have a considerably longer lifetime. In addition, Solitaire® Eco makes the lives of spectacles wearers more comfortable because the finished lenses are easier to clean and noticeably better at repelling grime and water. Therefore, Solitaire® Eco means seeing clearly for longer.

Multiple added value for opticians
Opticians profit in three ways from the new finishing from Rodenstock. Firstly, they can earn a margin with it that is around 60 percent higher than selling cheap no-name products. Secondly, they can offer their customers even more value and comfort. And thirdly, customers will honour the quality bonus in the long term with the respective satisfaction and loyalty. Solitaire® Eco is an entry-level product with which opticians can address an expanded target group. It ranges from price-conscious customers, continues with persons who wear a second pair of spectacles, right up to those who are buying spectacles for the first time.

Solitaire® Eco is available for all plastic lenses 1.5, ColorMatic® 1.54 and 1.6. Excluded are bifocal, trifocal, special lenses and the Rodenstock Impression® family.

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