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High Demand for Special Designs

Rodenstock Manufaktur in Regen, Lower Bavaria, has been offering individual special designs for specific customer needs since April. Rodenstock has successfully filled a gap in the market with this concept. 4000 lenses were ordered and produced in the first four months.

Anything but standard
“The demand is even exceeding our most optimistic expectations”, said Rodenstock Sales Director Rupert Loibl at a company sales meeting in Miesbach in Upper Bavaria. “The order books are full, and Manufaktur is being very well utilised. There is such a high demand for the special lenses Ardis and Excellent in particular, that two new employees had to be hired for manufacturing.”

“Every lens that leaves Rodenstock Manufaktur is a special design. Experienced specialists use machines that we developed ourselves to fill customer requests that are highly specific and constantly new. The Rodenstock team falls back on pure manual labour for individual cases requiring precision that cannot be resolved with technology. This work is performed with the best know-how and years of experience.

Manufaktur in Regen manufactures lenses for different medical purposes, among other things. One example of this is bifocal lenses for children to treat accommodative strabismus or single-vision lenses for extreme short- or farsightedness.

Special lenses for diving goggles and monocles
Furthermore, handcrafted production makes it possible to have special designs for specific occupational groups like surgeons, tradesmen or pilots, who have special needs in the near vision range. For example, it is possible to individually place the near portion at the top of the lens. In addition, plano-concave or plano-convex lenses can be manufactured for diving goggles as well as lenses for optical collector's items like lorgnettes or monocles.

Interested opticians can reach the Manufaktur consulting team in Regen as follows:
Telephone: 09921 / 26-450
Fax: 09921 / 26-455
Email: manufaktur@rodenstock.com

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Stefanie Biereder

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