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More Turnover with the Rodenstock Concept Shop

The Concept Shops started by Rodenstock two years ago are a very unique success story. There are now twelve shops in the Rodenstock design worldwide. Opticians trust Rodenstock for their shop designs in a total of seven countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Croatia and Russia. It is a decision that pays off. Opticians who have already converted their businesses in accordance with the shop construction concept from Rodenstock noticed a considerable increase in turnover after just a short time.

Red carpet for customers
"The Concept Shops that have been implemented by our customers so far have brought in turnover increases of up to 30 percent," says Dieter Henning, Senior Communication Manager Fairs, Events & Media at Rodenstock. "The shops facilitate an exclusive and attractive presentation of the Rodenstock world. They provide the optimum setting for the optician's optical know-how, for consulting and service as well as for integration of other high-quality brands like Porsche Design, Alfred Dunhill or Mercedes-Benz in a way that is in line with the brands. In addition, Concept Shops promote the loyalty of existing customers and simultaneously give a boost to new customer business."

The numbers speak for themselves
The example of Andreas Tomasso of Optik Schreiber in Munich confirms that the redesign of the shop with the success concept from Rodenstock pays for itself in the truest sense of the word. He rebuilt his shop in the well-known Leopoldstrasse in April 2010 – and has had only the best experience with it: "Our customers are very satisfied with the new design and give us positive feedback across the board, independent of their ages. Our business now attracts more young customers; however the more conservative customers also feel comfortable here because the shop design provides just the right mixture of modern and classically timeless elements." He sells not only a larger number of lenses and frames with the new concept, but also a larger proportion of premium products. "Buying habits have changed noticeably. We sell considerably more high-quality and fashionable frames from the upper price segment. That has a direct effect on the balance sheet, of course. Since the conversion, turnover has increased by almost one-quarter," says Andreas Tomasso.

The Product is the hero
The secret to the success for the Rodenstock Concept Shop is found in the details: The design and materials stand for a timeless and confident style, value and high-quality. The modular design also allows for perfect adaptation to the spatial conditions of any shop – from a Shop-in-Shop up to a complete solution, for almost any size of shop and almost any floor plan. At the same time, there is also room for special consultation systems like Rodenstock ImpressionIST® Avantgarde as well as for the technical configuration and current theme displays.
The spectacles are presented in glass-fronted cabinets at eye level. Sliding elements and mirrors arouse curiosity and encourage customers to try them out. Whether sitting at one of the central consulting tables or with an espresso at the bar, the customer maintains an overview, feels comfortable and looks forward to having new spectacles.

Eight New Openings Planned
Due to the tremendous success, Rodenstock wants to constantly expand the Concept Shops network. "By the end of the year, we will convert at least eight more shops for our customers domestically and abroad," says Dieter Henning. More new openings are planned for 2011 in Germany (including Berlin and Hamburg), Sweden and Norway.

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