Where vision becomes an experience: The "House of Better Vision" from Rodenstock

Rodenstock starts a new chapter in brand communication at the opti 2012. The House of Better Vision is at the centre of the new communication strategy. The website, www.see-better-look-perfect.com, which is one of a kind in the industry, stands for a fascinating world of experiences in the Internet and sets new standards in addressing customers and end customers with a unique combination of entertainment and information. Here, opticians and end consumers can experience the innovative services and fascination of the Rodenstock brand interactively.

New Perspective: 40% Better Vision
"We promise our customers that they will be able to see up to 40 percent better with Eye Lens Technology from Rodenstock. In the House of Better Vision, we show this and many other innovations from Rodenstock in a vivid and thrilling way," says Oliver Kastalio, CEO of Rodenstock.

Visitors to the House of Better Vision take a unique expedition on which they can get to know the entire world of vision from Rodenstock in a light-hearted way. Different experience zones await the user, who determines the route of the virtual tour himself. From the tradition and history through technical innovations up to the timeless Rodenstock design – the House of Better Vision invites visitors to experience a completely new dimension of vision up close with a simple mouse click.

Interactive Expedition

Optical and technical effects are demonstrated in 3D at www.see-better-look-perfect.com presenting them in a way that is vivid and entertaining even for laypersons. One of the highlights is the "lens wall" where there is an impressive and playful visualisation of how self-tinting ColorMatic® lenses adapt extremely quickly to changing light conditions. In another experience zone, visitors can, for example, experience the differences between various progressive lenses and compare them directly based on everyday situations. There is never a dull moment at the House of Better Vision. Complete experience zones will be added regularly so that the user can experience different perspectives in all areas of the topics of "vision" and "looks" time and time again, completely in the spirit of Rodenstock's philosophy of "See better. Look perfect.”

Digital Brand Cathedral

"In the conceptual design, we allowed ourselves to be guided by the concept that Rodenstock and its products can only be experienced in their true quality if we make it possible to experience the services comprehensively in their breadth and depth," explains CEO Oliver Kastalio. "With the House of Better Vision, we are creating a digital brand cathedral for Rodenstock and the perfect supplement to the corporate website www.rodenstock.com as well as to our activities in the various social media platforms."

Authentic imagery and consistent use of a new design key element in the form of a frame that also includes the typical Rodenstock “R” complete the modern look of the brand and emphasise the premium standard of Rodenstock. In addition, a large-scale image campaign will present Rodenstock as an innovation leader in the optical industry to a broad audience.

The new presence in the Web, www.see-better-look-perfect.com, starts in June 2012. The House of Better Vision will be presented to industry insiders earlier at the opti ophthalmic optics trade fair from January 13-15, 2012 in Munich.

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