Innovation with ColorMatic Lenses

– A true success story continues. Rodenstock, the Munich spectacles manufacturer, has produced ColorMatic® lenses for more than a quarter century. At this year's opti, Rodenstock is presenting the new intelligent ColorMatic IQ® lenses with an index of 1.54 thereby completing the range of photochromic lenses. Still today, Rodenstock is the undisputed pioneer in the field of photochromism and can look back at decades of in-house development.

New in 2012: ColorMatic IQ® 1.54
Rodenstock has been at work constantly for more than 25 years on the further development of photochromic plastic lenses and has continuously improved materials, production and methods. Last year, Rodenstock introduced ColorMatic IQ® with an index of 1.6 and 1.67. They are self-tinting lenses that adjust very quickly to the ambient light conditions. In January 2012, Rodenstock is presenting another attractive addition to the ColorMatic portfolio: ColorMatic IQ® 1.54 lenses with 5% less basic absorption and which are crystal clear indoors. Hence, these self-tinting lenses are almost as light as a regular lens. The practical functionality is almost indiscernible with the naked eye. The lenses provide maximum reliability in every light change for active and comfort-orientated end customers.
Another quality feature of ColorMatic IQ® 1.54 is their durability. They still have powerful photochromic properties even after being used for a long time. In addition, ColorMatic IQ® protects the eyes reliably against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Hence, the lenses have an anti-ageing effect on the side. Due to the 100% UV-400 protection, the lenses protect the sensitive skin around the eyes, and the wearer simply looks fresher.

Natural Colour Reproduction
Rodenstock has developed new colours using modern dyes and that way created the most attractive photochromic lenses in the market. Due to uniform filtering of the entire light spectrum, they guarantee neutral colour reproduction in all colour variations. Brown ColorMatic IQ® lenses increase the contrast in a darkened state, and grey lenses have a natural and balancing effect. ColorMatic IQ® in green is a unique feature, since it is a colour that is exclusively available in photochromic lenses with an index of 1.67 from Rodenstock. ColorMatic® Contrast comes in the colours orange and green.

ColorMatic IQ® 1.54 will be available in Germany as of April 2012, and as of February 2012 internationally.

ColorMatic IQ® is a brand product from Rodenstock and therefore stands for the highest quality, the best materials, and innovation that is “engineered in Germany". The advantages that can be experienced with this high-tech brand product clearly set ColorMatic IQ® apart from all other photochromic lenses.

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