Relaxed Vision with Aveo

Rodenstock presents Aveo at the opti 2011, an innovative additional option for single vision lenses. Aveo provides accommodation support that decisively increases relaxation, especially when changing between different viewing distances, which means it can prevent classical symptoms of fatigue. Rodenstock Aveo is available as an option for the Impression® Mono and Multigressiv® Mono lenses.

The Lens with the Certain 'Something'
Aveo was designed specifically for the visual requirements of modern life. Working on screens, using Smartphones, navigation systems or e-books are an established part of everyday life. However, it means constant, additional strain on the eyes, because they have to repeatedly adapt to new viewing distances. Rodenstock Aveo supports the dynamic and active lifestyle of spectacle wearers up to 45 years old and gives wearers fresh, relaxed and attractive eyes day in and day out in any situation.

Technical Details with the Relax Factor
Aveo augments the range of Impression® Mono and Multigressiv® Mono single vision lenses and provides slight accommodation support of +0.50 dpt in the lower area of the lens. The innovative and unique thing about Aveo is how it takes into consideration the adjustment astigmatism and Listing's Law for the close range. So far, no other lens takes into consideration the adjustment astigmatism, which is attributable to the different accommodation results in the two principal planes of the astigmatic eye when looking at close range. Listing's Law describes the natural eye movement when shifting the focus to a close object and the associated change to the axis positioning. Together with the individual inset, it ensures a brilliant vision experience and absolutely sharp vision. Rodenstock uses the innovative 3D freeform technology for manufacturing. The unique lens design is optimised for the usage setting and that way permits the best vision up to the edge of the lens in any situation.

Aveo from Rodenstock stands for the highest quality and best workmanship. Opticians profit from Aveo in two ways. The easy to explain and sell additional option makes it possible for specialised retailers to increase turnover with demanding customers in an easy to realise way, and guarantee that the customers are more relaxed and satisfied at the same time.

The market launch for Aveo is April 2011.

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