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Casual Luxury

Rodenstock expands the BALDESSARINI spectacles collection, which was launched successfully in summer 2009, to include eight more luxury spectacles. As a result, there are now a total of 33 correction frames and sunglasses that resolutely continue the philosophy of the BALDESSARINI men’s fashion lines and the exclusive BALDESSARINI Signature line. A desire for individuality, a passion for quality, and a love of detail.

BALDESSARINI: Stylish spirit of the times

The BALDESSARINI line follows the spirit of the times and appeals to the confident style of smart men with a casual and modern look. The models are made of ultra-light titanium and high-quality acetate, some of which was developed exclusively for Baldessarini. The two concise stainless steel rivets on the sides are the distinctive marks of this line – and are known to fans of the fashion collection brand of the same name.

Three material-reduced, decorative correction frames made of titanium will be added in summer 2010, which have refined details with a double bridge and elaborately crafted sides. The low weight of the spectacles and the high-quality workmanship of the flexible material, titanium, ensure the greatest possible wearing comfort. This masterly supplement to the models of the current collection is the first rimless frame from BALDESSARINI, light in design, discrete and stylish to a t as usual.

Five new sunglasses expand the portfolio of models that can be glazed with progressive and correction lenses: one acetate model with metal highlights, two frames made of aluminium and two sunglasses made of titanium. While the titanium frames have been kept in the cool aviator style, the aluminium models are a modern and exciting interpretation of the Buddy Holly spectacles and are a true understatement. From a purely optical perspective, the frames look like acetate spectacles. However, the wearer notices the exquisite look-and-feel of the aluminium at every moment, which is rarely used as spectacles material. It is extremely complex and costly to work with aluminium, making it something for true connoisseurs and material fans. Masculine, fashionable autumn colours like warm grey and olive-green make the look perfect.
All spectacles from BALDESSARINI can be ordered from Rodenstock effective immediately. They are delivered in a high-quality velour case with a matching cleaning cloth.

BALDESSARINI Signature: Each pair of spectacle is unique

The exclusive spectacles from BALDESSARINI Signature are wrought from the horn of the Indian water buffalo and are handmade in Germany. Very harmonious colour progressions are characteristic of this horn. The individual material qualities make each pair of spectacles into a valuable one-of-a-kind. The luxurious appearance of the modern and simultaneously timeless spectacles is completed by the Baldessarini signature engraved on the inside of the sides and covered with a transparent lacquer.

The two new arrivals to this exclusive collection convey lasting elegance and cultivated luxury. The spectacles are captivating due to their striking design, the highest precision in their workmanship, refined horn textures, and a discretely matched and harmonious world of colours. Both the new correction frames as well as the sunglasses are based on a thrilling combination of horn and titanium. The styling of the two new models is a homage to the swinging sixties.

The exclusive BALDESSARINI Signature spectacles collection can be ordered from Rodenstock as of January 2011. All models are delivered with an exquisite velour case including a cloth and a balsam to take care of the exquisite horn.

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