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Quality in Front of Your Eyes

For more than 130 years, Rodenstock has stood for the highest quality in spectacles. This traditional Munich company has long been a leader in innovation in the area of lenses, and now the frames sector is being significantly expanded. Also, in order to continue meeting the highest demands, Rodenstock has developed strictly defined quality assurance processes that ensure that only perfect frames leave the company.

Unique Control Mechanisms
“Quality management starts with us a long time before production. Even during the pre-selection of possible suppliers, we check numerous factors to be sure that only the best suppliers are considered in our final selection”, explains Konstantin Grell, Head of Corporate Quality Management Frames at Rodenstock. “In addition, we have a unique on-site control system with the Rodenstock Supplier Performance Supervisors." Supplier Performance Supervisors, abbreviated to SPS, are constantly on the go between the various manufacturing sites of the suppliers in order to personally supervise not only the quality of the final frames, but also the production. That means that Rodenstock has created a continuous improvement cycle in which every step of the production process can be optimised immediately as the need arises.

No Compromises
Prerequisites for production of the highest quality are clearly defined, strict criteria that are laid down in comprehensive quality guidelines. Specific technical, optical and haptic characteristics of frames are some of these criteria, as are smooth hinge operation, perfect surface quality and absolute skin compatibility. The Rodenstock customer experiences all of this in frames that are exceptionally comfortable to wear, are light in weight and have a long life. New frames are subjected to extensive quality tests even in the development stage. The first samples are tested for the required quality in all details. In addition, long-term reliable operation of all individual components is tested in special machines and apparatuses. For example, the stability of the hinge movement is tested after the sides have been opened and closed several thousand times. After a model starts selling, monitoring starts which registers every complaint and immediately initiates optimisation measures for the specific complaint.

Hence, seamless and efficient quality control is ensured – from pre-selection of possible suppliers up to the sale of the complete collection - and the customer can be assured that he is getting what he expects from Rodenstock.

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