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Bestseller in the Eleventh Year

Rodenstock has set standards with the Impression® progressive lens product family that it started in 2000. The lenses, which are manufactured using Individual Lens Technology (ILT), are still a unique success story in their eleventh year.

“Turnover in the market of traditional opticians has increased once again by around five percent in the first half of this year, starting from a high baseline,” says Rodenstock Sales Director Rupert Loibl at a sales meeting in Miesbach in Upper Bavaria. This is that much more remarkable, because the overall market is currently recessive.

Loibl also justifies the lasting success by the new features of the product family introduced at the beginning of the year: The variable, frame-optimised progression zone length, the newly introduced progression zone length M and an expanded addition up to 3.50 dioptres was well received among professionals and by end customers. In the eleventh year of this product family, Rodenstock is giving the optician retail market even more individuality and flexibility for consulting with truly unique lenses.

A New Customer every 30 Seconds
The success of Impression® progressive lenses was outstanding right from the first day. To this day, far more than 10 million ILT lenses have been sold in 53 countries. A new Impression® customer is added to this every 30 seconds. Rodenstock, the inventor of the modern progressive and single-vision lens, relied on a comprehensive concept right from the start that covered all four areas: consulting (Impression® Consulting Software), measurement (ImpressionIST® with 3D stereo camera system), ILT optimisation (Unique Customization) for calculating the ideal individual lens design in seconds, and ILT manufacturing with highly flexible and high-precision freeform surface processing. This provides a perfectly matched system to opticians that gives them optimum support for consultation and always guarantees the customer the best lens.

Innovations for Maximum Individuality
Development of the Impression® lenses has focussed on the individual right from the start. To do this, the unique concept of Impression® products takes the individual parameters of the frame and wearer into consideration. In addition to the refraction data, the pupil distance, the corneal vertex distance, the frame tilt, the bow angle, and also specific design and ergonomics parameters for the FreeSign® variations are fed into the customised production. Thanks to the Individual Lens Technology with its many patents and the innovative power of Rodenstock, every spectacles wearer receives the best vision results.

100 Percent Individuality
Today, the Impression® family with ten products has the largest portfolio of individual lenses. For the job (Impression Ergo®), recreation or sport (Impression® Sport), for the old or young – with Impression®, the optician always has the optimum solution for any customer and any requirement.

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